3-12-19 Tuesday

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Remember Terry, of the True Blood kittens, way back in 2009? (I know that a lot of you weren’t around that long ago.) This is what he looked like nearly 10 (!) years ago:

Well, his mama just started up an Instagram, and if you go follow her at Instagramright here! – you’ll get to occasionally see that sweet boy’s face, like in this picture!

And here’s a reminder that you can also follow Terry’s brother, Bill, on the Instagram he shares with little brothers George and Red (formerly Carlin and Skelton from Lucy’s litter) and sister Izzy, right here.

(I really really need to get together a list of all the Instagram and FB pages of former fosters in one place, don’t I? I swear, it’s on my very lengthy to-do list!)


Laura’s got her eye on the bottle.

Almanzo’s got some gorgeous stripes, doesn’t he?

Albert rolling around, feelin’ good. That boy’s got the crazy eyes.

Let’s see… we’ve got Mary climbing up the front of my shirt, Laura giving her a helpful paw, Willie to Laura’s right, Almanzo behind Laura, and if you look to the right side of the picture, you can see a glimpse of Albert’s paws.

Albert and Almanzo at the milk bar.

Lap full o’ sleepy girls. (Laura front, Mary back.)

I wish I’d gotten a better picture of this. Mary could see Charles through that tunnel – and when she tried to climb through, he stuck his paw into the tunnel, startled her, and she backed out.

Hellooo, Charles.

My lord, Mary loves to talk.

Laura loves her Pa.

There’s a whole lotta lights-on-no-one-home going on here. (Willie)

Willie and Albert, out cold.

I put a hat on Charles to take a picture, and he made this face. That boy cracks me UP.

Laura and Almanzo peed in the litter box yesterday! Sure, I had to put them IN the litter box and they looked confused and sniffed around and ate some litter first, but it’s a start.


Sheriff Mama (Kara) sure has those Precious Moments eyes down pat, doesn’t she?


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3-12-19 Tuesday — 12 Comments

  1. LOVE the True Bloods update and link!!! (I secretly LOVE to see the Christmas card with – I think – Bill? no?) But now, I can check in on Instagram!!!! They had my heart – that was the first time I’d learned about eyelip surgery – and do you know that I’ve learned of 2 or 3 instances since – and referred them to your blog! I do learn so much from y’all! I’ve also learned – as recently as this litter, The Half Pints, that my hankerin’ for tuxies and gingers has been overridden by my hankerin’ for tabbies! Whodathunk that?!?!

  2. The True Bloods are what brought me to this blog all those many years ago and I’ve been reading ever since! I can’t believe it’s been just about 10 years!

    These Half Pints though – so dang cute!

  3. Goodness! Lots of new followers to check out Terry! I posted a more flattering one of him, which I’m sure he would appreciate if he had any clue of the monstrosity I posted a few days ago! LOL!

    • Thank you for the new pics but did he have a bad tummy? Know that you’re always on top of things but thats a little skin than I was expecting.

      • He is all good. Just a naked belly for some reason. It feels kinda creepy, tbh, like peach fuzz.

  4. Terry!!! What a sweetheart he was (and still is!). Love that he has “little” brothers…

    Guess who I woke up to on Love Meow this morning?!! Our Charles and Caroline…

    *kiss kiss kiss* to Kara…

  5. I don’t remember how it happened, but I know the True Bloods were the litter that brought me to Love and Hisses – I was so interested in their surgery! How can that be 10 years ago????

    Oh, Charles! You are such a good daddy!