12-7-22 Wednesday

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Just a reminder that 2023 calendars are still available. Go see them all at Zazzle!


Would you check out that LOOK Kim is giving Nacho? She’s all “Why haven’t you gone off to college yet?”

“And why hasn’t Saul gone off to college, for that matter?”

“I blame you, lady. All these children need to get their butts gone. Get out of my milk bar and get degrees and jobs and such.”

“Maybe I should go off to college.”


King Charles has a royal snooze.


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Saul’s having breakfast in bed… fish taco and a green bean. Breakfast of champions!

Look who’s growing up gorgeous! That is Jack-Jack (formerly Jamie from the Outlander Clan, who we fostered in June and July). ⁠

Michael says: Jack-Jack (Jamie) kicking back after a hard day chasing after toys, other kitties, my feet, etc. 🤪 He’s getting so big he doesn’t fit into his favorite hammock thing. lol

(Thanks, Michael!)

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A kitten’s job is never done. It’s all work, work, work in this foster room. (I love how diligently they “cover” the food.)

I rearranged things so that there’s a cat tree in front of the window in my office. It took about 3 days for the kittens to “discover” it, and now they love to sit there and watch the birds. (Francesca and Nacho)

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Every evening before bed, after the kittens have had their dinner, Fred waves the feather teaser around for them. I finally thought to get some slow-motion video of the event. (And by “the kittens,” I mean Francesca and Nacho. Saul doesn’t like to be in the middle of that craziness, thank you.)

“HELLOOO-OOO-ooo!” Saul and the tunnel.

Good night innernets. (Nacho, back, and Saul)


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