12-30-22 Friday

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How do you capture the wreath pics? Are the cats in a box? Also kudos to your wreath customizations.

Thanks! Yes, the wreath and a piece of white posterboard are mounted to the front of a box with wire. The cats go into the box, and then I use Churu and/or feather teasers to get them to stick their heads through. Maybe next year I’ll remember to take a picture of the setup!


Where did you get the green beans? I know a couple kittos who would love those!! Yay for Saul!!

I get them from CatLadyBox – the direct link to the green bean is here. I don’t know how long these codes are good for, but at the moment you can use code MEOW30 for 30% off all items, and FREESHIP25 for free shipping on orders over $25 to the U.S.


You kept the new babies quiet! Were you worried they might not survive?

Not at all! I just wanted to focus on Nacho, Francesca and Saul over the holiday (blog-wise, that is: everyone got lots of personal one-on-one attention in real life!)


I got some more holiday cards! You can see them over at Flickr here, or scroll through them below (I changed how they’re organized, so the most recent cards are at the beginning now.)

2022 Holiday Cards Received


Nacho has caught herself a goldfish.

Nacho waited ’til Mama fell asleep and then joined her on the chair. Kim woke up enough to roll over onto her stomach and then went back to sleep.

Francesca on the bed, in the pile of beds, stayin’ comfy.

People are asking what’s going to happen with Francesca and Nacho. They’re going to stay with us until Kim goes home, and then once there’s room for them at Petsmart they’ll move there. There have been no inquiries about them at all, so clearly (barring a miracle) they’re not going to get adopted from here. They need more exposure, and honestly I think the experience of meeting the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville volunteers who clean twice a day at Petsmart would be good for them.

But, I mean, who knows? I’m going to go in hard on “advertising” them on social media next week, so maybe we’ll get lucky.


Cinna is 72.8% eyeball.

Linny is suspicious.

She’s already made a lot of progress, though. Now when I go into the bathroom to hang out with them, she eventually makes her way over to me… and yesterday she actually sat down against me so I’d pet her.

They love this scratcher. And do you see Linny’s tiny tail light? Cinna has red tail light (and a red angel kiss on her forehead). How cute is that?

Cinna’s doing a sneak, and Linny says “You realize I can see you, right?”

Cinna in my lap, getting a belly rub. She only tolerated this for a moment before rolling out of my lap and onto the floor.


Alice is enjoying our last few days of Christmas decorations. I always put decorations away on New Year’s Day… though maybe this year I’ll push it off an extra day. I sure do like those Christmas lights.

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Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

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Meet the new fosters!

Kim would like to remind you that it’s Thlurrrpsday, and you can put the Churu right there, if y’don’t mind.

It turns out that Cinna and Linny like themselves a feather teaser.

Nacho’s all “Hey, lady. I don’t do laundry, but I can occupy the heck out of the laundry basket.”

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I pulled that blanket out of the closet because I was cold, and then I left it on the couch where Francesca discovered it, and she kneaded for several minutes before I thought to catch it on video.

Good night innernets. (Cinna)


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