2-3-22 Thursday

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I introduced Mimosa to Churu. She was all “This smells interesting!”

She was a little confused by the concept of eating it straight from the tube.

But she figured it out.

“Is there more?”


Oh that magnificent Khal.


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By request: a side-by-side picture of Mimosa and Charlie. Yep, they do look a lot like each other! (He’s more gray and she’s got a lot of caramel coloring in her. And yes, he DOES look like he might be pregnant too!)

This picture of Maggie, our pregnant foster from 2011, is the benchmark against which I judge all our pregnant fosters. I think “Has this cat reached the level of abject misery of Maggie the day before she gave birth?” (Maggie gave birth to 6 kittens the day after we took this picture. She has the most annoyed face, but I swear she was always the sweetest!)

YouTube link
Giving Mimosa some scritches before she decides to move on. She is SUCH a sweet girl.

Oh, that belly! (Mimosa)

YouTube link
Just sitting here trying to see if those babies are moving, and Mimosa keeps insisting on moving and breathing. RUDE. (I might have seen a flutter or two, but it’s hard to tell!)

Mimosa’s all “Don’t look, Ethel!”

Good night innernets. (Mimosa)


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2-3-22 Thursday — 2 Comments

  1. We didn’t hear Mimosa’s adorable meow, but we did get to hear a marvelous purr instead! Oh my gosh that’s a purr. 😀

    Magnificent Khal is magnificent. <3 I wish I could pet him, but I'm on the other end of the country and besides, he'd probably flee.