2-4-22 Friday

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I got married on 9-9-2009. If he EVER asks when our anniversary is… POW! to the moon, Alice!


My brother is getting married on 2-22-22. I swear it’s so he doesn’t have to work so hard to remember his anniversary!

Fred and I got married on Halloween Day of 1998 so he’d be able to remember our anniversary. The funny thing is that we both tend to completely forget that it’s our anniversary until about mid-way through the day every year!


2-22-22 might work! [For Mimosa to have her kittens on a memorable date.]

And it’s a Tuesday. A concatenation of “two” sounds.

I’d be okay with 2-22-22 the Tuesday! (Although of course that feels like SUCH a long time off!)


My great grand-mother was born 2-2-1902 and got married 2-2-1922 😀

I’m imagining her husband having a moment of panic whenever the date involved more than one 2 and having to think about it! “3-12-27 – ack! Oh, okay. I didn’t forget anything.”


Robyn, I don’t know if it’s the angle of the camera, but to me Mimosa looks like she is “tall and lanky,” even with her expanding belly. Am I seeing correctly, or is she average sized for her age whatever that may be?

Mimosa is a large-framed cat for sure. I’d say she’s on the larger side of normal. Not huge like Charlie or Khal, but definitely longer with longer legs and more muscle than a lot of our mama kitties have been. (Definitely bigger than Wisteria and Ivy. I don’t remember offhand how much Ivy weighed – I want to say she was around 8 pounds when she left us. Wisteria weighed 6 1/2 pounds when we got her. Mimosa weighs 11 1/2 pounds, and it’s all muscle and babies.)


While mimosa trees may be invasive, I miss our tree here in Maryland–since it attracted hummingbirds. Do you have Eastern bluebirds down your way–our kitties love to watch them and the flickers at the suet feeders.

We do have Eastern Bluebirds down this way – we had a bunch in our back yard at the previous house, but I’ve only seen one or two since we lived here (I am hoping they show up here when the spring weather starts. They’re probably my favorite bird, or maybe they tie with Hummingbirds.)


This may seem a dumb or insensitive question, but I wonder whether or why a vet would not or cannot spay a pregnant cat, aborting kittens, if it’s early on in the pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as crazy about kittens as the next person, and look forward to seeing them and watching them grow. But in a world that has unfortunately too many, I wonder if that option is ever considered? Or is it not feasible or too hard on the mother’s health?

It’s a valid question. I do know that vets will spay pregnant cats if they’re not too far along (even around here), but we’ve never done that. Usually when I get a pregnant cat, we have no idea how far along they are (obviously, since Ivy and Wisteria were zero percent pregnant) and we don’t like the idea of spaying if they’re more than 3 weeks or so along.


I saw your comment about Wisteria not feeling well. How’s she doing now? I hope she’s better!

Michelle reported that Wisteria was responding well to the meds!


The Flehmen Response in action.

Part 1: wild sniffing.

Part 2: looking deeply offended.

Mimosa presents the belly.

“You know you wanna rub it, lady.”

“No really, go ahead.”

You might think that belly is a trap, but after a week, I can report that she loves a belly rub and in fact I can rub her belly for a long, long time and she never gets annoyed or overstimulated. All in all, our girl is one chill mama. Nothing bothers her much, she seems to be okay with hanging out in the foster room, and she enjoys a visit from the humans. I always worry about pregnant cats being bored, since they’re in the room all alone (she’s only been with us for one week – it’s too soon for a visit from Charlie, if indeed he wants to visit), but it’s been my experience that as long as they have comfy places to sleep, plenty of food, and lots of visits and snuggles from the humans, they’re fine.


Archie came running down the hall and dove into the Honey Pot cave, then turned around and just kept an eye on what was going on. He sure does love that cave.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

“Lady, is you aware that it is breakfast time?” Mimosa wonders.

Happy Thlurrrpsday! (Mimosa)

YouTube link
Mimosa, up close. Oh, that girl is just the sweetest. Do I keep saying that? It’s true!

I did not realize that that box had a little catnip in the bottom, and it appears that Mimosa is a catnip lover! (I avoid giving pregnant cats catnip because it could possibly stimulate premature labor, and we don’t want any under baked kittens.) Her face in the mirror is killing me… talk about crazy eyes!

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Throw Back Thursday: from 2012, feral pregnant kitty Emmy and her alien belly. She had her kittens very early the next morning (4), and though she let us handle the kittens (and we could occasionally pet her for a brief moment here and there), she never did warm up to humans.

Good night innernets. (Mimosa)


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  1. I can’t believe I’ve been following you for almost four years! It wasn’t long after the Little House On The Prairie kittens were born.

  2. I have to ask about that CENSORED icon. Why are those often applied to the rears of cats/kittens or privates of any animal? I never think the shot was intended to gross out/entice anyone, it’s just as nature had intended.

    Humans are much too sensitive to such things.

  3. I did not know that about giving pregnant cats catnip! I don’t think I’ve done it in the past, but will surely avoid it in the future with my fosters. The more you know…

  4. Cats and their vomeronasal responses always crack me up. They look so deeply appalled but all they’re trying to do is analyze a funky smell. I am easily amused.