2-3-20 Monday

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So after we got about a zillion awesome suggestions on what to call Isabella’s litter, I finally made Fred look at the list and choose. They will be known as… drumroll please…

Los Mewchachos

We are still sticking with the general “Spanish names” theme, but I am saving all your OTHER suggestions for future litters. Thanks, you guys!

Edited to add: And I completely forgot to thank BetaLoop for the suggestion. Thank you, BetaLoop!


Still here, still pregnant, still adorable.


Laughing at her own joke.


For her first couple of days she was hanging out behind the beds that were on that cabinet (but would come out as soon as she saw me.) So I moved them and hung a baby blanket up so she had a place to hang out and also stretch out. She liked having her privacy quite a bit. When she started hanging out in the room more than in her quiet spot, I took the blanket down.

She thinks this’ll do.

On Saturday, I told Isabella that it would be neat if she had her kittens on 02/02/2020. She pretended to listen, told me she’d take it under advisement, and then didn’t have them. Of COURSE.

I will say that the ONLY thing that has made me think that she’s close to giving birth is the amount of activity I see in her belly. On the other hand, I saw a picture from a year ago of Caroline, who was at that point still 11 days away from having her kittens, and she was HUGE.

Which makes me think we have a while to go with Isabella. On the other hand, there are distinct differences between Caroline and Isabella – Caroline’s litter was her first, and there’s no way this is Isabella’s first (Michelle checked her teeth and said she’s about 3 years old. Not her first – DEFINITELY her LAST!) Isabella’s a bigger cat (Caroline was still a kitten, really).

All of this is just me saying that I dunno when she’ll have them. Could be any moment, could be a month away (I doubt it’s a month away, but never say never.) You’ll know when I know!


Newt, feelin’ smug.


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2-3-20 Monday — 9 Comments

  1. OMG! I don’t remember Caroline ever looking that big. It’s amazing how time changes memories.

    Love the pics of Newt. He’s lookin’ good!

    • I haven’t seen her scratching or pulling at her fur – her fur is really soft, and it seems like it’s starting to grow back in. A lot of the scabs that she had have come off. So far, I think she’s doing good!

      • That’s good news! She certainly looks soft and floofy. Maybe it is my imagination, but she’s looking floofier by the day, too.

  2. “Los Mewchachos”! I love it!!

    Since she missed having her kittens on 02/02/2020, perhaps Isabella is waiting for 02/20/2020. Not quite as alliterative, but close. Of course, you’ll be a nervous wreck waiting, but so will the rest of us! In any case, Isabella will do what Isabella does.

  3. Oh, that’s a great name! Los Mewchachos! (Why does it make me think of Ralph Machio…’member him? Or am I sadly dating myself…).

    Definitely needs a “Rosita”.