12-9-19 Monday

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Back in 2010, we had a group of fosters we called The Magnolias, named after characters from Steel Magnolias. They were with us for a relatively short amount of time, since they were healthy and had been spayed and neutered. I was having surgery, so they went off to Petsmart and were adopted pretty quickly.

Two of those kittens – Drum (the only boy) and Clairee – were adopted together, but then were returned exactly a year later – read about that here – stayed with us for a few days, and then went back to Petsmart. Where they were adopted together again into a wonderful home where they were much loved.

Clairee passed away a few years later, and in 2016 it was decided that Drum needed a friend. And he got one, in the form of Branwen (formerly known as Juniper, one of the Evergreens), also our former foster. How cool is that?

And here they are now!

It has been a while since I have sent you a Branwen (Juniper – Evergreens) and Drum (Magnolias) update. They are both doing well. We are very fortunate to have such affectionate beauties in our lives.

Here is the most beautiful Branwen keeping a careful eye over her domain. It is hard to refrain from picking her up constantly for kisses…

Drum (Mr. Handsome), turned 10 this October! Yes, he is still the biggest Lovebug ever. N-e-e-d-s his daily snuggles! And he gets them too.

The ol’razzledazzle!



Kitty Yin/Yang…

How absolutely adorably sweet is that? Thank you so much for the update, Tamra!


Did I mention that the moment the kittens went off to Petsmart last week, the permanent residents gave a huge sigh of relief and relaxed? It’s been a foster-packed year around here, the Les Chatons litter had run of the house for much longer than fosters usually do, so the permanent residents are glad to have their home back for a little while with no little whippersnappers roaming around.

Khal flopped floofily into Fred’s lap and just vegged.

Alice reclaimed the kitchen table (and the sunshine).

Newt took over this corner of the foster room.

And Archie continued to glare.

Speaking of Archie, that bed is one we won over at the Winnie’s Wish Auction recently (the auction is still going on! Click here to see it, or click on the picture below!) I knew it would be awesome, because Andrea does AMAZING work (she’s the one who made the Fancy Sofa, for one, and those crocheted round beds (like this and this and this and this and oh my lord, how cute is THIS) that y’all see all the time in pictures), and I swear I had barely gotten this bed (which is made from a sweater) onto the recliner before Archie was settling his butt in it and looking grimly smug.

In fact he liked it so much that he barfed all over it not two minutes after I took that picture. And guess what? It held up wonderfully in the wash and is sitting in the recliner again already. Because Andrea does wonderful work. LIKE I SAID. Go check it out!


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12-9-19 Monday — 6 Comments

  1. Beautiful Branwen and Mr. Handsome indeed! Wow…

    “In fact he liked it so much that he barfed all over it not two minutes after I took that picture.”… *sigh*

    Yup. Because of course he did.

  2. Oh my gosh, I was wondering if your kitties liked that hug bed!! He looks awesome in it! Barfed on it… why does that not surprise me?? lol I think that’s how they claim things.
    Thank you so much for plugging the auction again! It actually didnt end on the 8th, but I extended it to the 16th because I finally got my sewing/serger back and could make self-heating nap mats that I’ve had waiting in the wings. Also made some new catnip fishy kickys since I was told I didnt have any toys on the auction therefore wasn’t fun enough.

    Love the update on the former fosters!