11-8-21 Monday

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We were recently gifted this cool track toy and I finally got a chance to put it together. The kittens declared it FABULOUS.

They love it.

Especially the box! Carli’s all “This is an excellent box.”

Barry also approves.

“Where ya been hiding this, lady? This is cool!”

And to reiterate: the box? Also cool, according to Ozzy.


Jake is pretty sure it’s nap time.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Princess Carli has a suspicion.

All 6 kittens are in this picture, but not all of them wanted to be in my lap at the moment.

Good night innernets. (Sammy)

Sammy’s a bit of a wild child, if you hadn’t noticed.

Someone sent us a Halloween Goody Box from Chewy, and naturally I waited ’til Halloween was over before I opened it and shared it with the kittens, because that’s just how I roll. This pop-up tent is popular – they love to bat at the hanging toy, but they REALLY love to collapse the tent.

“What? Is bed time!” (Good night innernets.)

The Forgotten Felines of Huntsville online auction is taking place this week! There are a ton of very cool things up for bid, including this adorable Wizard of Oz cat ornaments by the very talented Foxes and Felines! New items will be added this afternoon, and then every morning through the week. Go get your bid on (it is only on Facebook, though). All proceeds benefit the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville spay/neuter fund.

“It’s too early, lady.” Sammy and Ruthy wanted to sleep in this morning, I guess.

Line ’em up! Left to right: Ozzy Osmium, Nikki Nickel, Barry Beryllium, Carli “Suspish” Calcium, Sammy Samarium & Ruthy Ruthenium.

YouTube link
A lap full o’ BOOPS. A BOOP for YOU and a BOOP for YOU and a BOOP for YOUUUU…

Good night innernets. (Ruthy)


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11-8-21 Monday — 8 Comments

  1. Re. the calendars – wow, impressive selection!! Looks like I will have to have a calendar in the kitchen and in each bathroom (and maybe a closet too), in addition to by my desk… haha.

    Aww, cute. Glad they like the new track toy so much!! And its box.


  2. Thank you for the calendars, Robyn–I just ordered one as a gift for a kitty-loving friend whose birthday is coming up later this month.

    Just as an FYI, though, when I changed the “All Fosters” calendar from the default medium size to the large size on Zazzle, it complained about the collage on the back cover being too small and that it might turn out blurry or pixelated when the physical product was printed. I solved the issue by going into their custom design tool and scaling that one image down until the warning went away (which didn’t take much, I think a single click down was enough) and then adding a plain black background behind it. No big deal if you’re as familiar with Zazzle and their in-house design tools as I am, but if you have a larger version of that specific pic, you might want to re-upload it so that other folks who may not know how to correct that kind of issue don’t have the same problem if they want the larger size.

    All the other pics for the individual months and front cover on that specific calendar seemed to be ok, BTW, it was only the one on the back that was giving the warning. But I didn’t really go in and look too closely at any of the others, so you may need to check them all at your end if you uploaded all the back cover collages at the same size.

    • Thanks for the heads-up – naturally I don’t have the larger version of the back cpver pictures (but will make a note for next year) so have gone through and edited the back cover pics the way you described. Hopefully that’ll be good enough for this year!

      • Oh, definitely–I thought it looked fine scaled down with the bit more of a black border around it. And honestly, who’s going to spend all that much time looking at the back cover of a calendar, anyway? The pics for each month are what really count, and as you say, now you’ll know to make the cover collages just a bit larger for next year.

        • That’s kind of what I figure – if the pictures inside the calendars (or the cover) were an issue, I’d fix them, but I think this is fine. Every year I learn something new! 🙂

  3. Lol, Carly “Suspish” Calcium…(dammit Google, stop autocorrecting words you don’t understand…Yes, I typed Suspish not Sunfish, and not sushi…).