11-9-21 Tuesday

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Barry’s got quite the serious little face there.

Nikki and Carli prepare for a tussle.

Ruthy puts the ol’ chomperoo on Ozzy.

Oh that pretty, pretty Carly.

She’s turning into a lapkitten, she is.

Sammy in the Fruittasan.

Ruthy loves to balance on the outlet cover box. They all do, really, I’m just usually not fast enough to catch a picture of it happening.

Ozzy in my lap.


Alice Mo is recovering from having strangers in her house ALL last week (when they were working on the HVAC ducts.)

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Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Feels like a Monday. (Sammy Samarium)

In case you missed it on the blog this morning, the 2022 Love & Hisses calendars are now available at Zazzle! There are 7 (1 that encompasses all this year’s fosters, 1 for each foster litter, and 1 for just Canasta, plus 1 permanent resident calendar. Yeah, I went a little bit nuts.)

PLEASE NOTE: Zazzle gives you many choices as far as what calendar size, what the date grids look like, and other good stuff. It defaults to medium-sized calendars with classic grids for the date section, but you can change that to what you’d prefer. (You can also change the number of months, though I have no idea what pictures they’ll put on the additional months, so I dunno. Just leave it at 12 months, is my suggestion.)⁠

(For the record, if you want a calendar of your OWN cats, I highly recommend Zazzle – they’re easy to use and make a nice product.)

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Watching the kittens play… and yes, that IS Carli purring like crazy in my lap!

Line ’em UP! Left to right: Ozzy, Barry, Carli, Sammy, Nikki & Ruthy.

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Charlie and the kittens. (It might not look like it here, but they ARE warming to him. This is really only the third time they’ve seen him, so they’re still floofing, especially the more dramatic ones of the bunch – TALKING ABOUT YOU, NIKKI.)

Good night innernets. (Ozzy)


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11-9-21 Tuesday — 7 Comments

    • They’re marked up by about $2 (depending on the size of the calendar purchased), which comes to me (which I use to buy cat food or litter or whatever they need at the moment.)

  1. When you line them up for photos on the shelf, do you just pick them up and place them there, and hope that the others don’t jump off while you’re wrangling the others?

    I just love that phots of Sammy looking all pissed off at Monday.

    • With this litter, I’ve started “training” them by giving them Churu while they’re on the desk. They learned very fast, so now all I have to do is open the Churu and walk over to the desk, and they mill around at my feet. I pick them up and put them up there, and they wait (im)patiently for their Churu. When I got this particular shot, everyone had gotten a slurp of Churu so I stepped back and waved it over my head with one hand to get their attention and took the picture with the other. They used to hop down if I wasn’t fast enough with the Churu, but now they’ll stay there until I put them back down on the floor. 🙂

  2. Ozzy’s face when Ruthy puts the ol’ chomperoo!
    He’s regretting falling for the ‘I’m just going to clean your ears spotless’ trick yet again!