10-23-20 Friday

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Is Charlie in training to be Fred’s adventure cat and hiking partner?

Charlie is not in training to be Fred’s adventure cat EVEN THOUGH I think it would be an excellent idea for him to buy one of those bubble carrier backpacks so that he could haul Charlie on his hikes. I mean, right? How cute would that be?! Alas, Fred mumbled something about how Charlie is going to be a big cat and he doesn’t want to break his back. Fred Anderson is no fun, is what I’m saying.

(Fred has taken Charlie into the back yard several times wearing a harness (Charlie was wearing the harness, not Fred) so that he could see the outside. Charlie was a little interested and a little nervous about the random sounds of the neighborhood. He LOVES to hang out on the screened porch, though!)


I’ve never had an all white cat before, and I’m curious to know if her eyes will stay blue?

Snowcone is actually not all white, he’s a cream point (his ears, tail, and face are lightly orangey). His eyes will definitely stay that gorgeous blue, though!


So, apologies if you’ve answered this already, but why were Pistol Annie and Cotton Candy’s kittens taken away from them (sounds kind of cold when I put it that way, but you know what I mean)? Apart from the fact that both mamas kinda have stripper names.

Pistol Annie and Cotton Candy’s kittens all needed to be supplement fed (their mothers weren’t producing enough milk and the kittens didn’t quite have the hang of eating on their own yet) so it was easier to keep them together in a playpen/tent. I don’t think they were actually taken from their mothers for good until a few days before I took them – they were technically weaned, though I was adding formula to their food to make a gruel until… well, about 3 days ago!


What kind of tail does Cotton Candy have? I can’t tell from her photo. Thanks.

(I’m just sharing the picture so people will know who I’m talking about – Cotton Candy is the mother to Funnel Cake, Tater Tot, Hush Puppy, Onion Ring and French Fry, the kittens with little to no tail.) Cotton Candy has a full tail, and since she’s a longhaired cat it’s quite beautiful from what I understand!


So Robyn, they are all feeling like each others’ brothers & sisters now? What a great lesson us “hoomans” can learn from these sweet creatures! The play together, eat, nap & enjoy life. Thank you for providing the early socializing they will need in the future. Just amazing kitties!

They will pretty much play/snuggle up with whoever’s closest (though Snowcone and Candy Apple do seek each other out – they’re bonded and need to be adopted together). At this age, it’s easy


Wild Bill is keepin’ an eye on things.

Tater Tot latte? They’re all the rage this fall!

I didn’t really intend this basket to be a hangout for the kittens, but Davy Crockett discovered it, and now it’s nearly almost always occupied.

Tiny Eclair in the Tiny Basket, bein’ tiny.

Annie Oakley and Snowcone in the top of the little blue cat tree. I feel compelled to point out, again, his neatly tucked paws.

Pretzel needs a kiss.

“Where’s our food, lady?” Left to right: Candy Apple, Hush Puppy (yellow collar), French Fry, Wild Bill and Funnel Cake (on the ham-mick), and Onion Ring.

I moved the tunnel scratcher from the other side of the room and they acted like it was brand new. (Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill on the floor; Davy Crockett on the scratcher.)


Calamity Jane and Annie Oakley hanging out in the aforementioned basket.

Waiting for breakfast to arrive!


Jake’s all “No, really. Go ahead!”


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  1. Oh Lordy, Snowcone has his front paws tucked in…a Snowcone Loaf, best new pastry at the Kitten Bakery.

  2. To the person who asked about all-white cats (sorry, I couldn’t find the original comment), I had an all-white cat once upon a time, and his eyes were green.

    I think he was actually a grey cat with all-over white markings, if genetics is your thing. When he was a kitten, he had a little grey spot on his head, but when his adult coat grew in, it was 100% white. I knew his mother, too, and she was the same: as a kitten, she had 3 grey dots on her head, but she lost them when her adult (all-white) coat grew in. If I remember correctly, her eyes were gold. She had a white brother with non-blue eyes, too.

    • I also had an all-white cat named Pearl. She was long-haired and had yellow eyes, and she was completely deaf. She acted normal in most ways but had a very very loud raspy meow. It would sometimes scare the other cats because she was so loud.