10-22-20 Thursday

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There’s Annie Oakley, sitting juuuust out of my reach again. BRAT.

I moved the box and they rediscovered it. Left to right: Eclair (outside the box), Wild Bill Hickok, Hush Puppy and Tater Tot.

We have a lights-on-no-one-home situation going on with Snowcone.

These kittens, like the Mewsketeers, LOVE to climb up on the shelves and investigate.

Not the greatest picture, but you can see Calamity Jane hugging the Echo. Probably saying “Alexa, play me some 80s music.”

That’s a full shelf indeed.

Tater Tot has a think.

There was someone walking through the neighbor’s back yard, and Davy Crockett and Funnel Cake got their Kravitz on.

Buffalo Bill, Onion Ring and Pretzel wish I’d sit down so they can climb into my lap. (I did, and they did.)

There are 12 kittens in this picture (Calamity Jane is over there in the crate peeking out.)


I believe I’ve mentioned in the past that Newt’s FAVORITE part of every day is in the morning and evening when I open cans of food to take up to the kittens. You can offer him the best food on a plate, and he prefers licking the food cans any time. Jake’s been joining him, and now they have a third. (And yes, there were way more cans than that on the floor by the time I was done opening them and dumping the food into a bowl to take upstairs.)


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10-22-20 Thursday — 8 Comments

  1. Annie Oakley…what a doll!

    Lol, Atticus used to love licking the bottom of cans, it was like giving a 5 year old chocolate milk for the first time.

  2. I have a can licker too. Anna Belle will walk away from a full plate of food to get that fabulous gravy left in the bottom of the can.

  3. So Robyn, they are all feeling like each others’ brothers & sisters now? What a great lesson us “ hoomans” can learn from these sweet creatures! The play together,eat,nap,& enjoy life. Thank you for providing the early socializing they will need in the future. Just amazing kitties!

  4. I am seriously in love with Tater Tot. We are still under a strict nothing that eats or poops can move in until something that eats or poops moves out, or I would scoop her up!!