3-30-17 SIGH Thursday

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Once again, there were no babies as of midnight last night. I’ll add a comment when I get up this morning confirming that.

5:51 am: no babies. (I’m only up this early because Dewey was tossing a headless rat around my room and growling at Jake and Stefan, who wanted in on the action. So that was a fun and exciting way to start the day, GOOD MORNING.)

When I first introduced Nola, several of you mentioned that she looked a lot like Willa, our faker from December. So let’s see a few side by side pictures, shall we?

(You can see these larger over at Flickr if you click on the picture.)

Willa on the left, Nola on the right.

Willa left, Nola right. This might be an unfair comparison since Nola actually is pregnant and Willa was fakin’.

Willa left, Nola right.

I’d say there’s definitely a strong resemblance – if someone told me they were sisters, I would absolutely buy it. (I know that’s your next question, and no – I don’t believe they’re sisters; they were found nowhere near each other, and Nola’s a bit younger than Willa is. They SOUND like the name of sisters, though, don’t they? Nola and Willa. Willa and Nola.) Willa had greener eyes, Nola’s are more on the gold side. I think Nola’s a bit floofier, but it’s hard to really remember since it’s been a few months since Willa was here.


A few weeks someone asked for a refresher on Emmy. Here’s a quick rundown, since it is getting late and I have a pregnant cat to harass before I settle into bed for the night.

Emmy was rescued by Forgotten Felines back in February of 2012. She was one of a group of approximately 40 cats living in an abandoned house. She was very very scared.

We were able to pet her a little, and she’d allow chin scratching, but anything beyond that would just send her racing for safety. She spent a LOT of time in that wall basket looking scared. After a lot of work on my part, she’d come out and flop down across the room from me. Fred got her somewhat interested in playing, but human interaction made her nervous.

I recorded my very first alien belly video on February 29th.

YouTube link

And in the early hours of March 1st, Emmy had her kittens. I posted about it here, but the basic story is that when Fred got up for work at 3:40 am, he checked on her and thought she was in labor. As it turned out, she’d already had her first kitten. She made it very clear that she didn’t want us in the room, so we left her alone. I checked in on her once a couple of hours later, and thought I saw three little tails. When I checked a few hours later, there were four babies lined up.

She had three little tabbies and one little frosted black kitten. One of the tabbies was a boy – Newbery – and the other three kittens were girls – Razzie, Logie (black kitten) and Darwin.

2 days old.

I’m not going to go through and post a bunch of pictures of Emmy and the Noms, much as I’d like to, because it’s getting late. I will say simply that the kittens grew up to be wonderful little muffins, sweet and friendly and pretty fearless, and once the kittens were weaned, Emmy reverted to her feral nature. She never objected when we wanted to handle her kittens, and she was a wonderful mother to them. We couldn’t handle her, though when we needed to get her into a carrier for spaying, Fred was able to get that accomplished. Much as we wanted her to be a house cat for someone, the truth is that she was far too scared. There was no way she could go to Petsmart and sit in a cage We already had one feral – Stinkerbelle – I didn’t want to add another to the population.

Lucky for us, there was someone who had a barn and was willing to take Emmy. At the end of May, she went to her new home. The last I heard, she was doing very well and is happy as a barn cat.

All of her kittens went to Petsmart in June of 2012 and were adopted out.


“Oh! I think it’s time!”

“Ha ha ha, that will never get old. Your FACE!”

Har har, you’re hilarious. Hey, Nola. Let’s turn off the House marathon and watch something else, shall we?

“Yeah? What are we going to watch now? Something else with that dreamy Hugh Laurie, I hope!”

Alexa: play Nickelback.
(Alexa) “Playing Nickelback.”

“Lady, that’s just cruel and unusual punishment.”


Oh Newt, you are just so handsome and distinguished.


“Tell me something I don’t already know, lady.”


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  1. am I correct in remembering that Kara was the only momma cat who had her babies almost immediately upon arrival at Crooked Acres?

    • You are correct! Kara had her kittens about 30 hours after she got here. Everyone else waited for periods ranging from 13 to 23 days.

  2. “Tossing a headless rat around the room”??? You mean a real rat? Your life is just too much! And I’m still waiting for babies too 🙁

  3. Oh wow, I had forgotten about Willa (I don’t know HOW that happened) but I agree that she certainly does look like Nola! Beautiful girls!

    I’m sorry but that “It’s TIME!” face is so effing hilarious I almost peed a little. And then the next two photos where Nola looks part Corgi with the short stubbular legs (probably an illusion due to the big belly/floof combo) killed me dead. It’s so cute how she likes to watch TV. This girl and I would get along great, lol.

    I canNOT wait to see her babies and what kind of tortie-tude she passes along to them. Be prepared, Robyn!

  4. I second that… a real rat??? ((**please no, please no, please no!**)) I remember Willow! Come on, Nola… give Robyn dem babies!!!! A long, long time ago… okay, it was last Friday, but when you’re expecting kittens, the days feel like weeks… I predicted Friday, March 31… Come on, Nola, take this one final day as a non-momma… but at 12:01am tonight… Game On! Oh, all right…. my unselfish side is wanting to type… As long as the babies are healthy and the momma is too, take your sweet time, Nola! Purely selfish me says yes to all that but.. in the words of Rod Stewart…. tonight’s the night….. the stork is coming…

    • At least it was on the floor and not in my bed… and I’m glad my subconscious was able to note that the playing sounded different than usual playing (probably the part where he was growling his brothers away from his kill) and wake me up. (And also that Fred works from home, so I could call him down to deal with it!)

  5. Hahahaha! Shades of the Headless Squirrel tale!! Oh, and if the Headless Squirrel story isn’t in the favorites, it needs to be (says the person too lazy to go and look). 😉

    Nola! Give us dem baybees!! And either before Saturday or after, because I’ll be in a field watching horse races on Saturday and won’t be able to follow the births because of crappy cell coverage. (Saturday births just guaranteed!!). 😀

    • The headless squirrel story is in the favorites already. I just re-read it and laughed.

      And the fact that not only you won’t be able to follow the births but ALSO the fact that if she gives birth on April 1st 9,000 people will be skeptical and ask “Is this a joke?” thereby irritating me definitely guarantees that that’s when it’ll happen.

  6. Oh Dewey, didn’t they ever tell you it’s not nice to play with your food? Such a mighty hunter you are!

    (I must be the only person in the world who can find that, sigh, roll out of bed, flush the rat, look for stains and deal, then go back to sleep and hope I don’t step on the head in the morning.)

      • Then what do you do with it that won’t attract the bugs and the raccoons? (And the neighbor’s dog.)

    • I got out of bed and yelled for Fred to take care of it, then posted and went back to sleep. 10 years ago I’d have been freaking out, but having dealt with it a million times since we’ve lived here kind of takes the drama out of it. I was mostly irritated that I’d been woken up. 🙂

      • So it was like the video where Newt brought a live snake into the kitchen and you shrieked for Fred? lol

  7. Now that she knows he’s out there, Nola’s holding out for Hugh Laurie to deliver her babies!

  8. Come on, Nola!

    About six or seven months ago, my younger daughter (13 months old now) woke me up around 4:00 a.m., and I had put her on the floor to play with some toys while I made coffee. When I came back, my delightful little calico had brought a dead mouse into the living room and laid it helpfully at her little feet. Being a baby, she had accepted the gracious offering and was about to stuff it in her mouth. So I was standing in the middle of the living room with a cat under one arm and a baby under the other frantically yelling for my husband at 4:00 in the morning.

    I know I could have just grabbed the mouse myself, but I hadn’t had any coffee yet, and I didn’t want the baby to put her dead-mousey hand in her mouth. It just didn’t occur to me at the time.

    • That sounds VERY much like something I would do – and then I’d get mad at Fred for saying “Why didn’t you just take it away from her?” 🙂

      • Yeah, hubby was like that, too. I don’t see how he can expect perfect sense at omg o’clock in the morning, but it could have been worse. Dealing with a mouse is easier than a lizard or a snake.