11-10-17 Friday

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I have a question about your nap time routine. Do you herd kittens on the bed before you lie down, or do you lie down and all of them snuggle up with you?

They come to me – and they almost always come to me from the very first time. Usually they start out flopped down around me, but after a few days they start laying on top of me and purrr like crazy. Nap time is the best part of the day!


2018 calendars!

All calendars are marked up by $3 each (each calendar will cost $12.99 plus shipping), and all profits will be split between Challenger’s House and Forgotten Felines.

2018 Anderson Kitties Calendar.

2018 Love & Hisses Calendar.


I’ve a question for your Friday post about kitty litter. Years and years ago when clumping litter was newish to the market, I had a kitten with urinary issues. The vet recommended filtered water and clay particle litter (like the regular kitty litter but no crystals or added ingredients). Another friend of mine lost a young cat with urinary/digestive issues and that vet said never to use the sandy, clumping litter because cats lick it off their paws during grooming and it’s bad for them internally. And so we’ve stayed with old-fashioned kitty litter for now decades. But it’s getting harder to find that stuff. So going to the wisdom of the very-special-L&H-crowd, are the clumping litters generally safe? Have any issues with them for cats above a year old? Any hints on brands to avoid? TIA for your sage advice.

I’ve never had an issue with the clumping litter, and have heard/read that they’re perfectly safe.

I currently use Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat and though I occasionally try other litters, the Precious Cat is what I keep coming back to. It’s unscented (well, they have a scented version that I don’t use) and as close to dust-free as I’ve found. (I do fear that, as I age, I’ll need to switch to a lightweight litter to save my back. I’m not at that point yet, thankfully.)

(Other people chimed in in the comments, you can see those responses here.) Anything to add? Please chime in, I always like to know what litter y’all are using!


What is the story about the street lamp behind Archie?

I bought that in New Orleans earlier this year. It was painted by a local artist on slate from the Lower 9th Ward.


So, have they been making good napping partners?

Those kittens are EXCELLENT napping partners. And they come by it honestly, there was no intensive training required!


Ha, I LOVE that letter from Tom Cullen in the 2005 entry. I think the best part is that “refrigerator” is written vertically.

That always cracks me up, too!


I am surprised that Mercury is not skin and bones like most mama cats get. Or….did the camera just add 5 lbs to her?

She never got skin and bones – she’s not a tiny cat, but held weight in her belly after she had the kittens in a way most mamas don’t.


Hubble in the window seat.

He’s such a pretty boy.

Pretty Mercury.

Aurora seems to be just a wee bit cross-eyed.

Telstar gets to know the ceiling fan.

Mercury keeps an eye on the babies.

Aurora talking to the ceiling fan. I love that you can see her shadow on the wall.

Sunlight through earses.

These kittens LOVE that Ripple Rug (which was a gift from Winnie and has been a hit with all the kittens since we got it. Jake and Stefan like it, too).

Mercury also enjoys that Ripple Rug.

Sleepy baby.

Care for a cuppa Telstar?

Telstar, bonding with his mama.

“Lady. Is time for nap, yes?”

Mercury, Telstar and Hubble will be headed off to Petsmart (the one in Jones Valley, if you’re local) later this morning after the potential adopter comes to meet Stardust and Aurora. Depending on how that meeting goes, Aurora and Stardust will either be here for a few more days (if she decides she wants to add them to her family) or they’ll head off to Petsmart too.

I’ll have more pictures of Mercury and her kittens in Monday’s post.


Inspector Maxi examines the well house and finds it lacking. She finds most things lacking, honestly.


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