3-14-23 Tuesday

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Edited to add: 7:15 am (Central Time) – no kittens.

That right there is the face of “Why’d you stop petting me, lady?”

“No, seriously!”

No kittens yet (unless they arrived overnight. I will do my very best to try to remember to update this page when I wake up so y’all will know either way.)

I will tell you what – if she doesn’t have them today, I really am going to start seriously hoping she has them on the 19th so we can say for sure that we have a tradition of having kittens born on March 19th every five years. That would be very cool, right?


Check THIS out.

This is Marsali last June.

And this is Marsali yesterday.

I think we’re gonna need a bigger pie plate!

Joanie, keeping an eye on Marsali.

Marsali showing off her crazy long tail. She’s gotta be part lemur.

Joanie under the blanket hanging off of the couch.

Marsali really REALLY likes the mirrors.

Joanie’s a bit puzzled by them.

“Watchin’ you, lady.”

Joanie has SUCH a serious face and looks really annoyed and mad all the time, but rest assured: that’s just her face. She is a TOTAL sweetheart. She’s hiding less now than she did at first, and even when she does hide, if one of us lifts the blanket and speaks to her, she comes right out. Yesterday she slept in my lap for an hour, looking completely content. Such a love bug!


Alice is ready for spring!

YouTube link


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Daisy says “Stop takin’ pictures and keep pettin’.”

YouTube link
Who’s in the foster room now? Watch the video to find out – or read the bullet points below.

*Brown tabby and white girl Marsali, our foster (one of the Outlander Clan from last June – July) was returned over the weekend, along with her sister (not a Forgotten Felines kitty) dilute tortie Joanie, due to a life change on their adopter’s part (and no fault of their own).

*Marsali’s a confident girl who is taking it all in stride. Joanie’s a little more nervous, but is already starting to come around.

*Both girls are extremely sweet, quick to purr. Joanie hid a lot at first, but is spending more time out of hiding.

*I don’t know yet if they’re a bonded pair, it’s only been since Saturday evening that we’ve had them.

*They’re available for adoption (email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info@ffhsv.org to inquire), but not really ready to go home yet. They need to chill out here for a few weeks before they’ll be ready.

*Joanie is a couple of weeks older than Marsali, which puts them both at about 1 year old.
(Lincoln and Lilly have gone to Petsmart; Daisy is still in my office.)

Marsali is SUCH a goofball – she cracks me up when she stuffs herself into this side of the curvy scratcher.⁠

Joanie is spending less time hiding and more time asking for petting (she will also accept kisses.) She’s a SWEET girl.

The belly of the Daisy. Don’t fall for it – it’s a TRAP.

Good night innernets. (Joanie, in my lap, and Marsali in the background in her pie plate.)


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