8-18-19 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

Tussle time! (Josephine and Luc)

The milk bar is packed.

“Come here, lady. I gots somethin’ for you.” (Josephine)

Good night innernets. (Henri)

“GIVE AUNTIE KAT A HUG, LUC!” I’m not sure Luc is entirely enjoying that hug, but Beauregard’s face back there is cracking me up, as is Henri’s clear decision not to get involved.

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“Paws up, y’all!” Luc is letting it all hang out.

Beauregard’s always waiting for the milk bar to open.

“Now listen up here, kid. You’re the smart one from that batch of goobers, so I know I can count on you to figure this trackball thing out. You see that ball? It’s impossible to get. YOU’RE the one who’s gonna figure it out. You’re the Chosen One.” (Katriane & Gabrielle)

Good night innernets. (Fleur)

I shoved a towel between the litter box and wall so they wouldn’t go back there and hang out, so of course. They are their mother’s children, after all.

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Working on their fighting skills.

Good night innernets. (Josephine, Beauregard & Luc)

The patrons at this bar look kinda mean.

Henri’s got your heart.

Josephine loves that toy – she may be a ‘niphead in the making.

Good night innernets. (Josephine & Gabrielle)

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Have yourselves a happy Thlurrrpsday! (Henri)

Four years ago, we had these bottle babies – the Squash Bugs (named after types of squash) – who had to be kept in a cage between feedings because they weren’t yet litter box trained. Here, they were screaming to be fed (I actually had their sister in my lap drinking her bottle.) It’s not the sharpest, clearest picture ever, but it’s one of my favorites. From left to right: Zucchini, Calabash and Pattypan. (Not pictured, but in my lap: Ambercup.)

Four years ago (2015) was our summer of bottle babies – every time we got a set weaned, we got another set. This litter was called the Swimmers (because they were literally pulled out of a puddle of water during a storm). This little gray guy was Spitz, and he didn’t want any stinkin’ canned food, he wanted his bottle. OH, that face.

It’s Thlurrrpsday, and so here we have a double thlurrrp, courtesy of Katriane (left) and Margeaux.

Good night innernets. (Luc & Margeaux)

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A word from Margeaux.

Good morning, sunshine. (Beauregard)

Paws up, y’all! (Beauregard & Gabrielle)

Henri’s trying on his Ears of Annoyance and finds that they fit quite well, thank you.

Good night innernets. (Luc)

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Nap time with Katriane.

This picture cracks me up because it makes Katriane (on the right) look so much bigger than Margeaux, when Katriane’s actually the smaller one. They’re giving me the eyes of “Enough pictures, lady. Give us the treats you’re waving over our heads!”⁠

Guess what? We have an adoption pending on Margeaux AND Katriane (yes, together). They’ll be with us until mid-October so that Margeaux can finish raising her kittens and Katriane can continue to teach them her silly ways, and then they’ll go to a wonderful home. They’ve shown me in the past few weeks that they really are a bonded pair, so that they’re able to go home together makes me very very happy. (I always worry about the adults we foster, because adults are so often overlooked in favor of kittens.) (PS: Margeaux is going to be spayed on September 4th. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it happens before we have to suffer through any heat cycles!)⁠

Now if all 6 of Margeaux’s kittens were to be adopted straight from here (and in a perfect world, in pairs), I would be even happier! (We’ve got a while yet on that front, though. They’re not quite 6 weeks old yet, so are still another 6 weeks away from them being able to go home.)

Paws up y’all! (Beauregard)

“What you want, lady?” (Beauregard & Fleur)

Good night innernets.

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Josephine and Fleur show off their hunting skills.


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