7-29-16 Friday

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I’m imagining that Hemlock is looking out the window at Kara and wishing there was a big pile of dirt in the foster room to roll around in. Have you ever considered putting a big pile of dirt in your house on purpose, Robyn?

I have never once considered that. I’m sure if the cats want to get out the vacuum cleaner and run it around the house, they’d come up with enough dirt to roll around in!


Unrelated to today’s post but I think you’ll be amused to know that I’m preparing closing documents for a client today (I’m a paralegal) whose first name is Stanley, and his middle initial is J. so no matter what his actual last name is, he will always be Stanley J. Boogerton to me. I just hope I can keep from actually calling him that.

This made me laugh out loud!


In Wahlburgers photo…is that a ‘Charming Charlie’ store at left of photo?

It is! I’d never even heard of it. We went in and looked around, it was pretty cool.


Eeeeee newbies, and oh my gosh Privet, you have me wrapped around your floofy paw already! What color is the floofy skittery purrball? In a related question, I gather that Spruce and Cypress are black with white, but what about Juniper?

Spuce, Cypress and Juniper are all black, with varying sprinkles of white – Spruce has a white heart-shaped locket and a small “loincloth.” Cypress has a sprinkling of white at his throat, and Juniper also has a sprinkling of white at her throat. Privet is black (she looks reddish in some pictures, leading people to ask if she’s a tortie, but her fur has a brownish cast, which looks red in some pictures. She’s all black, though.) Hemlock is a silver tabby and white.


Do you think/have reason to believe that people dump felines near your property due to your reputation as rescuers? If that’s true, I’m concerned about what happens when you move…

It’s possible, but I really don’t know. We try to keep a low profile around here, so I’m not sure how many people know that we do rescue. Not long after we moved in, the people across the street told Fred that people have been known to dump cats and dogs in the field directly across from us, so we’ve assumed that that’s where they come from.

Fred worries about what will happen when we’re gone, and we waffle about whether to move or not (had a long discussion about it this morning), but we can always make sure our neighbor two doors down (who also has rescued some of the cats and dogs who’ve shown up here) has our contact information.


The hens reminded me of this Humans of New York post.

I love that!


I have a question about getting the kittens spayed and neutered. I just had a puppy spayed and the vet required she wear an E-collar. It got me thinking that your babies never have to do that. The puppy has six small staples on her belly. Does your vet do internal stitches? Or do the kittens, or Momma cat, not bother with the stitches or staples. Inquiring minds want to know!!

Connie said: I don’t know about Robyn’s vet, but around here they use ‘super glue’ and glue the incision back together so there aren’t stitches. Sometimes they’ll use dissolvable sutures internally if they need it. even with mother cats I’ve seen done they glue it back together. incisions are so small it works.

Yep, the vets who do our spays and neuters use “super glue.” It’s nice to not have to put them in collars to recover, and I’ve never had an issue with the incisions pulling apart.


That fence post is popular, isn’t it? I seem to recall another great photo … maybe Newtleberry? sitting atop it and looking all regal.

You’re thinking of my favorite picture of Newt, this one:

I love that picture so much that I had it printed out on canvas, and it’s hanging in the hallway. You can see it occasionally when I post pictures of kittens climbing the screen door, it’s hanging right next to where the screen door goes.


I love that early 1900’s style bungalow architecture. What year was your house built?

1930, which makes it 86 years old! Living in an old house has its charms, but it’s not for the faint of heart.


Here’s a picture of Hemlock alongside the kittens he reminds y’all of:

That’s Hemlock in the upper left, Martin in the upper right, Charlie & Patty Peppers in the lower left, and Mooch in the lower right.


Sometimes, Privet is just cartoonishly floofy.

Spruce (left) and Cypress, watching Privet floomp around the room.

Pretty, pretty Spruce.

Oh, how that boy loves his belly rubs!

“Admire my bunny paws, innernets. ADMIRE THEM.”

“Ooooh, SOFT.”

“GIMME that camera, I needs to take a selfie!”

“Put down the camera and give me a kiss, lady.” That Cypress, so demanding.

Privet, deep in floofy thought.

“Listen, Floompy. You give me privacy when I’m in the litter box!” says Spruce.

“Rub da belly, lady,” insists Hemlock.

Poor Cypress – he would like a little privacy, but Privet’s not inclined to give him any.

Sweet Spruce.

Cypress loves to balance atop the little cat tree.


Last week, when I was getting Spruce, Juniper and Cypress from Winnie, she also gave me this box. It’s a nice, sturdy box, and she’d seen the picture of Newt atop the box I’d made for the Fakers, and figured it wasn’t long for this world. Jake thinks the box is AWESOME. Newt hasn’t been spotted on top of it yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time!


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