9-9-21 Thursday

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It’s an extra-floofy Theo Pesto pie!

Sofia Soy Sauce with a blep (and a tiny piece of litter on her nose.)

Theo Pesto and Sofia Soy Sauce are having a rest (and in the next moment they were having a wrassle.)

With his ear folded back like that, Franco Fondue looks like he’s wearing a fancy little hat.

Hannah Hollandaise has the most adorable Precious Moments eyes.

Franco Fondue considers his next move.

Christopher Chutney enjoys a little sun – but not TOO much.

This box is accurately labeled, that IS indeed a Kitten.

It’s a Mama pie.

Sofia Soy Sauce, Hannah Hollandaise and Tia Teriyaki are off this morning for their spay surgeries! They’ll spend the night at the vet and will be back here tomorrow morning.


Archie under the Japanese Maple, wishing I’d stop taking his picture.


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Breakfast is served! (Mama Molly Marinara takes her breakfast on the cabinet next to the sink, so she doesn’t have to share.)

Sofia Soy Sauce is not inclined to share her box, thank you.

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The kittens are really enjoying those boxes (and that grocery bag!) an awful lot.

Christopher Chutney’s lookin’ fancy.

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Oh noooo, Christopher Chutney is TRAPPED! (Doesn’t seem any too stressed about that, though!)

Ooh, it’s a Tia Teriyaki-Theo Pesto pie! My favorite!

Good night innernets. (Sofia Soy Sauce, Franco Fondue, Alfie Alfredo)


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9-9-21 Thursday — 4 Comments

  1. Hannah Hollandaise’s eyes will stay blue? Bet she’ll be able to scam her way to pretty much anything she wants at her forever home…

    Robyn, I love how you get so close to these muffins that you can just tell how soft they are (I could just reach in and pet little Theo in the first photo!).

  2. I’ll never understand how I’ve never ever witnessed a *blep*on a single cat I’ve had nor my current one
    That’s a total of 9…and no bleps. I wanna see a blep!

  3. Do you think that Hannah’s toes will darken all the way or will they stay both brown and. white??