9-9-20 Wednesday

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Surprise – D’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos AND Rochefort were neutered yesterday! (You may or may not remember that Aramis was neutered a couple of weeks ago along with Winter and Planchet.) I didn’t mention it in yesterday’s post because I didn’t get word ’til late Monday that there’d be room for them. We still have to wait for Constance (who is being adopted together with Rochefort) to put on some more weight before she can be spayed, but I figured that since Rochefort was just under 3 pounds, we might as well get his neutering done and over with. They handled it well, neuters always go pretty quickly, we were home a little after noon, and by bedtime they were completely back to normal. So basically we’re just waiting for the right people to come along for d’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, and in the meantime we get to enjoy them!

Fred reported that Constance and Aramis were pretty vocal right after I left with the boys, and then spent the morning playing and snoozing together.


Rochefort and Aramis have a snuggle.

Look at the serious face on Constance! (PS: That bed, which several people pointed out looks like a pool or hot tub, continues to be awesome AND I hear a rumor that a couple of them will be in the November online auction!)

Rochefort has a think.

Aramis watchin’ birds. (We have a ton of hummingbirds right now, and they love to sit in the bush outside the window and keep an eye on the feeder so they can chase each other away from it. Aramis finds them endlessly fascinating – and to be fair, I find them pretty fascinating too!)

Porthos is all “Ladyyyy. You gonna come for a snuggle, or what?”

Tiny Athos in the Tiny Basket.

I took this picture of Aramis posing adorably in his stack of beds without noticing Constance in motion back there.

Porthos looking at himself in the mirror on the front of the fan; Athos and Rochefort watchin’ birds.

Porthos and Rochefort like to cram themselves in that box.

Aramis and Constance share the stack of beds.

In case you missed d’Artagnan in his cape on social media yesterday, here’s another shot I got at the same time. That cape really suits that boy!


Jake in the cat house – a sign of oncoming cooler weather, maybe? (Answer: Nope. Jake will hang out in that house in the dead of summer with the sun blazing down and the humidity so thick you can barely see through it as well as in the middle of winter.)


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9-9-20 Wednesday — 7 Comments

  1. I was hoping for some advice. I have a senior kitty who has several chronic health issues, is on medication, and is slowly declining. He used to be best friends with my younger kitty, who is six. The would constantly curl up together and groom each other. But younger kitty has stopped doing that, and taken to hissing at him and even chasing him. I’m assuming that his scent has changed, and she probably senses he’s weak. But it’s breaking my heart and I don’t know how to change this behavior. Thank you for any tips.

    • I don’t really have any advice, just some commiseration. I had a similar situation with my dear tuxie siblings that had been with me since they were teeny tiny. At the age of 15 the boy went through a year or so of declining health. At the very end, his sister was really quite mean to him, and it absolutely broke my heart too. I cried about it, but I couldn’t really be mad at her either, since like you said, I’m sure she was just reacting to a different scent, and maybe she thought she just didn’t know him anymore. But it was SO sad. The only thing I could do was give lots of love and comfort to my sweet boy. I have wondered over the years if there was more I could have done. (He passed in 2009 and his sister in 2012. Still miss those two!)

    • Karen, I’ll post your question at the top of tomorrow’s post – the only suggestion I can think of would be to try separating them and re-introducing them as if they were completely unfamiliar with each other (Jackson Galaxy has videos on the topic that you can find on YouTube.) You could possibly add some Rescue Remedy to their water (it seems to calm down some cats) or add Feliway plug-ins or sprays to the environment.

      I don’t have much in the way of suggestions on this; hopefully someone will chime in tomorrow.

  2. The pictures struck me as particularly good today!! I mean, they always are, but today seems extra-special. All the dear wee little profiles, inquisitive looks, and serious faces! And the Jake caption – HA! 🙂