9-10-20 Thursday

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Porthos. (Would like a kiss.)

Aramis. (Seriously, those ears.)

Athos. (Looking serious while purring up a storm is his thing.)

D’Artagnan (has an opinion. Shocking!)

Rochefort and Constance. (She’s keeping an eye on me – and he looks like he’s getting ready to leap.)

I’ve interrupted Aramis, Constance and Rochefort, who were hoping to take a nap.

D’Artagnan watchin’ birds.

Aramis, Constance and Rochefort, napping again.

Checking out the bathtub situation.

Athos, keeping an eye on me.


There was a bird on the bird feeder over there, and Alice froze and watched it for the longest time.

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9-10-20 Thursday — 3 Comments

  1. I love it that the kittens have a sock monkey!

    I also love the one-foot-on-the-floor-one-foot-on-the-shower-ledge situation going on in the bathroom picture 🙂

  2. I love how their couch (I mean, it is their couch after all) has a blanket with a design of sleeping kitties all over it.

    I can’t tell who’s who in the photo of the 3 on the couch, but I love how one little sleepy head has a smile on his/her face, and the other two are all “oooo, fish tacos…”

  3. Robin….do the kitties EVER notice that the others have found homes? You think they miss them or just enjoy their wonderful life there with you? Do the rehomed kittens ( adopted)….miss your home & the fellowship of the litter. Probably a silly question as none seem to miss the others!