9-7-18 Friday

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Ok, I’m behind, but I’ve been catching up and I have noticed, or THINK I have noticed, a long heart on Otis’ head? Comes to a point down the back of his head and the top humps are at his ears. Or am I crazy?

You are not crazy (though to be honest, I hadn’t noticed it until now!), and I’ll see if I can’t get a good picture of it over the weekend!


What happened to the kitten with extra toes? Isn’t he in this litter?

That was Brian Boitano, and he was adopted at the end of June. You can see him (he’s now Harry) and his sister (was Picabo, now Harley) in their Facebook group, here.


Robyn, you upload your images to Flickr and then post then on here, instead of uploading directly to WordPress, right? Can you explain that process? My WordPress storage is looking full…

I actually upload small (usually 500 px on the longest side) pictures to my domain, then upload the larger pictures to flickr, make the self-hosted pictures the image source with an html link wrapped around the image so that clicking on it will take you to the larger version on Flickr.

I used to upload the pictures to Flickr and then use the html code directly from Flickr, so that Flickr was the picture host BUT at some point Flickr changed how they did stuff, and my older pictures were no longer showing up, which was a pain in the butt (I’ll still occasionally run across an older Flickr-hosted picture that doesn’t show up and have to fix it).

I figure that hosting a smaller version myself with a link to Flickr works better (there was also an issue for a while with Flickr being down a lot, though it seems to be okay lately).

Does that make sense? I’m not sure it does to anyone but me, so feel free to ask for clarification.


How old are your permanent cats?

I actually have a draft saved in my Gmail with a list of the cats and their dates of birth, because the question comes up so often when Fred and I are talking (and I can NEVER remember!) So here they are:

12 – Newt: 1/2006

11 – Kara: 4/1/2007

9 – Jake: 6/14/2009

8 – Alice: 6/6/2010

7 – Frankie – 4/15/11

5 – Archie: 1/1/13

4 – Khal: 5/12/14

2 – Dewey – 3/1/16


FYI, there has been a reprieve! The kittens will be staying with me for one more week.

They were due to head off to Petsmart today or tomorrow, but there’s been so much interest in them – and people coming to the house to meet them – that I’m going to hang on to them for one more week. If I could get them all adopted straight from here to their new homes (which might be too much to ask, but it never hurts to hope), without them needing to spend time at Petsmart, that would be awesome.

(Yes, there have been applications on some of the kittens. I’m not giving details until they’ve gone home, sorry. You know how I am!)

Oh, that dreamy little face, and OH that little pink nose. Love that Dexter!

I love Otis and his slappin’ paw, which makes it very obvious that I’m waving a feather teaser around.

Bethel and her beloved packing paper.

Buxton from the back.

Feather toys give Arundel the Crazy Eyes.

Bowl full o’ Otis.

Yep, it’s still up there, sweet girl. (Arundel)

“HEY. Get outta there. That’s MY spot!”


“You are a very rude boy.”

Millinocket has apparently taken over the packing paper.

“What doin’, weird lady?”

Eliot with attitude.


Khal makes this face a LOT.


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9-7-18 Friday — 17 Comments

  1. Otis’s markings are very similar to my Eddy’s: tabby ears, raccoon tail, and a few spots of useless tabby camouflage, but otherwise white. Anyone know if there is a name for this (like tuxie or torby)?

    • I had a black and white cat once who wasn’t exactly a tuxie and had about equal amounts of both colours.

      As a kitten, I took him to a mixed breed cat show put on by a university that had one of the better vet programs here (Canada) and the judge told me he was called a “Parti-colored” cat. I’m not sure if that’s accurate or even a thing nowadays (this was a long time ago) but I’d be interested to know, too.

      ( Btw, he won 2nd place as best kitten and 1st place for best coat. 😀 )

    • My Bunny is kind of like that, her back is kind of tabby striped, has the raccoon tail although it’s gotten darker as she’s gotten older, complete white undercarriage except for a little tabby patch about the size of my thumb under her chin. And her ears are dark with white “frosting”.

  2. We get an extra week of the Mainers!

    Khal is awesome, such a handsome man. How did they determine his age?

    • They looked at his teeth when he was being neutered and made an educated guess … I’m not sure how correct they are, but we’re going with it!

  3. Keeping fingers crossed that the extra week will help, and no we wouldn’t want to jinx anyone! Loved reading about the first two kittens, one choosing her new people!
    Any news on Kitty Boot Camp??
    Oh the smolder on Khal…
    Thank you, Robyn.

  4. Isn’t Charlotte back at Petsmart or Challengers House? Can you revive the “Former fosters available again” sidebar for her? We need to get that beautiful grey girl adopted again. We Carolina girls stick up for each other! 😉

  5. I know it’s the angle, but the magnificent Khal looks like a gigantic expansive bear right there, with room for me to go and live in his fur. (which I would happily do, by the way.)

    • Yes, we have new fosters waiting for the room to empty – they’re currently with another fosterer, who was okay with hanging on to them for another week.

      We do occasionally take a break – we didn’t foster between last November and whenever Kristi and Katia came to us (February?) – but right now all the rescues are so flooded with kittens that I wouldn’t take a break this time of year anyway.