9-22-22 Thursday

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Hmmm. I wonder what Kim and Nacho are selling out of the BACK of the fish taco truck?

Gus is lookin’ guilty.

Nacho’s just chillin’.

Francesca (back) and Mike, also chillin’.

Francesca surrounded by toys. Clearly she’s been playing hard.

Mike and Lalo nappin’ in the hammock.

Nacho on the Fancy Sofa.

Mama, Mike and Saul, just hanging out.

The kittens love hanging out under the Ham-mick so much that I thought maybe they’d like this Honey Pot cave. They checked it out, sniffed it all over, Mike and Saul (Saul’s FACE is killing me) posed for this picture, then they wouldn’t go near it. I moved it back downstairs for the permanent residents, and suddenly – after ignoring it during the summer – they can’t get enough of it, especially Archie. Go figure.

Saul’s got a blep.


Jake smiling loonily in the back flower bed, between the lavender (which hasn’t bloomed. I think maybe it’s not getting enough sun?) and the Purple Pixie Dwarf Loropetalum.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

These little muffins are 8 weeks old today (except for Mike, who will be 8 weeks old on Sunday)! This is what they look like now. Is it just me, or do they keep on getting cuter?

If you’re curious what they weigh, you can see their chart here.

The eyes! There’s been a lot of change in the past week – Mike, who had totally blue eyes last week is now nearly totally green! Gus has a lot of blue left in his eyes, but you can see the green moving outward. It’s very cool to see the process.

YouTube link
Kittens and their toys. Mike’s got a toy rat he’s cleaning for the kill… and Francesca’s not going to share her toy (if you listen carefully, you can hear her growling at the other kittens.)

Nacho’s feelin’ floofy.

YouTube link
Saul and Francesca show off their bouncy, sproingy, leapy moves, leaving us all very, very impressed.

Lalo gets in his daily requirement of cardboard.

Good night innernets. (From Gus, Lalo and Francesca, none of whom look remotely sleepy.)


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  1. @ I haven’t seen you’r post till know, kittens aresaying you no we’re playing hard it’s part of our job,we are learning all kinds of things.momma Kim still has her blue eyes. A beautiful family.well done lady foster mom.❤️❤️

  2. What kind of air purifier do you have? You mentioned the controls are on top which is what I would need for our herd of little paws as well.

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