9-2-21 Thursday

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Hannah Hollandaise is all “I got it! I got!” (Spoiler: she didn’t.)

Christopher Chutney’s all “YOU WANT A PIECE O’ ME?!”

That boy and those ears are just utterly ridiculous.

Sofia Soy Sauce is just chillin’.

Mama’s having some quiet time, and Christopher Chutney’s grumpy about that.

Tia Teriyaki has a complaint. “Mama is up high and I can’t reach the milk bar!”

“That’s right, kid! And I’m not sorry!”

Da BAYbee (Alfie Alfredo) on the Fancy Sofa.


Charlie on his very favorite bed in all the world. (Remember when he used to sleep in the pile o’ beds? He’s decided the ham-mick is more comfy.)


Breakfast at the milk bar (yes, they’re still nursing. She’s still letting them. She has places to get up away from them if she wishes (and she does.) I tried explaining to her that they’re old enough to be weaned and she reminded me that they’re eating on their own and she doesn’t mind them nursing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

FINALLY, a family pic with Mama included! Left to right we have: Christopher Chutney (back), Alfie Alfredo (front), Sofia Soy Sauce, Franco Fondue (green collar), Hannah Hollandaise (front), Tia Teriyaki and Theo Pesto, and Mama Molly Marinara in the back.

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Post-breakfast play time. The energy from their breakfast makes ’em crayyyzee.

The Franco Fondue Latte is citrusy with a splash of sass.

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Kittens are playing, Mama is playing – everyone’s playing! We’re having fun in the kitten room today. (Just like every day!)

Molly Marinara likes to use the mirrors to keep an eye on me, and it looks like Tia Teriyaki has picked up the habit!

Bunk beds! (Good night innernets – Hannah Hollandaise & Franco Fondue)


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9-2-21 Thursday — 9 Comments

  1. I’m sort of glad they’re still nursing, for the sole reason that sweet Hannah is allowed to be a part of the ‘family’ now 🙂

  2. ***
    Hello, I’m Charlie, Prince of Wails
    I dream of little Cottontails
    While snoozin’ in my ham-mick bed all day

  3. Hey, I haven’t had a chance to go read through all the posts & comments to see if this has been addressed… what’s up w/ Sofia’s tail? It looks broken, sort of bent to the side.