9-11-19 Wednesday

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I haven’t done this in a few weeks – the kittens turned 2 months old yesterday and are 9 weeks old today – so here are their newborn pictures next to their 2 month pictures. These babies have GROWN.







I haven’t weighed them yet today, but I suspect that most if not all of them are over the 2 pound mark. You can see the weight chart on their page; I’ll update that once I’ve weighed them.

At this point, I can report that Fleur has been voted Most Likely to Floof for No Reason (that girl cracks me up); Beauregard has an instant purr; Gabrielle likes to keep an eye on me from a distance but once I pick her up she snuggles into me; Josephine is the smallest of the bunch but doesn’t let that hold her back for one single moment, she tussles and climbs right alongside the rest of them; Henri is a big lovable chunk of a kitten who LOVES everyone and everything, and Luc is skeptical and curious and is a great poser when I’m taking pictures – he reminds me the most of Francois (though he looks offended when I ask if he’s Da BAYbee.)

Katriane and Margeaux are set to go home in mid-October; none of the kittens are spoken for yet. They’re going for their spay and neuter surgeries on October 16th and will be able to go home after that. If you’re interested in a kitten or kittens, now would be the time to email Forgotten Felines at info (at) ffhsv.org to get the ball rolling.


Beauregard in the mailing tube.

You’re darn right I rolled him over to get this picture.

I’m sensing a little attitude from Josephine.

Fleur the cutie.

“Sharpening my claws on the Fancy Sofa? I would NEVER.” Sure, Gabrielle.

Josephine says “Bunny-kick my sister in the butt? I’d NEVER.”

“Lady, it is time for the treats, and now you must do your part.”

Luc in the basket with the toys. (And then I squooshed him.)

Henri’s not going to fit in that scratcher for much longer at the rate he’s growing.


“Whatta YOU want?” Oh, that Alice Mo. Doesn’t she have the MOST gorgeous eyes?

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  1. Yes, Alice’s eyes are very jewel-like! I didn’t realize how big Henri is–he’s adorable, well of course, they all are. Is this the cutest kitten age of all?!