7-8-20 Wednesday

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Nap time for the Fluffles.

Little slackers. (Bugs, Lola and Honey)

Lola and Clyde keep their eyes on the prize (the feather teaser, of course.)

Wherein Cutey is over my nonsense.

Yes, I squooshed Benjamin. How could I not?

Another shot of the Fancy Sofa, this time with Clyde. (I swear the Fancy Sofa is now in the closet. Did I mention we’re raffling it off? True story!)(Raffling the Fancy Sofa, not Clyde.)

These kittens sure do love to sleep in the most uncomfortable-looking twisted-around positions, as illustrated by Honey. Oh, to be that flexible.

Honey still loves the Fruittasan. (Note: The Fruittasan knockoff I ordered last month has yet to arrive. Judging by what I’m hearing, it looks like I’ll probably get something other than what I ordered; I don’t recommend y’all order them, it looks like a scam.)

We have a new mirror in the kitten room, and Bugs and Honey had to check it out immediately.

“Not sure what I think of this, lady.”

Pink is Honey’s color.


When she’s not out stomping around the back yard hunting for chipmunks, this is Alice’s favorite place to snooze.

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7-8-20 Wednesday — 3 Comments

  1. I love that cat-shaped mirror! Once again – how do you find this stuff??!!

    I have to find those.

  2. I’m with Brigitte, that cat-shaped mirror – CUTE! Also cute is what’s reflected in that mirror… obvs.

  3. Asking for my own peace of mind – a friend of mine just lost her marvelous longhair black sweetheart of a kitty, and I’ve discovered a black smoke Maine coon who has a twitter account, so evidently it’s floofy housepanthers all over my online sphere. How’s Khal? All the fabulous longhair black cats of coolness got me wondering (translation: worrying, because yes, see above and a friend having to say goodbye to a cat) about Mr. Magnificence. Hopefully he’s well? Hopefully everybody is, feline and otherwise!