7-8-19 Monday

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All 6 kittens in one picture! I couldn’t get Francois to wake up and look up, though. Upper left is Amelie, upper right is Jacques. That’s Madeline and Antoine snuggling in the middle. Esmee is on the right, looking up. Francois is in the lower right, ignoring us all.

Flat on the floor is where that belly can be found most of the time.

Antoine was actually in the basket for a brief moment, but ran off before I could get a picture. I love this picture because it shows the differences in eye color. In pictures by herself, Amelie looks like she’s got blue eyes – but put her next to Jacques and his ultra-blues, and you can see that they’re more green.

Jacques and Esmee – and Francois in the background, climbing into that basket.

All 6 again! We’re getting better at this… though if Antoine had been less interested in biting Esmee’s tail, he might have been more interested in the feather teaser I was whipping around.

Jacques gives Antoine the ol’ snifferoo.

“Yep. Smells like Da BAYbee to me!”

Antoine, pouting. Margeaux was flopped on her belly next to one of the little cat trees, and Antoine thought he’d be cute and jump to the floor OVER her head. Except that what he did was land ON her head (he kind of lost his balance as he kicked off), and she did NOT take kindly to this maneuver. She gave him the ol’ smackeroo, and it scared him and then he went off to pout and wouldn’t let me soothe him. I mean, I’m not saying he had it coming, but you don’t land your entire 1 pound, 13 ounce butt on a pregnant lady’s head and not expect to get disciplined for it.

Madeline thinks this yellow teacup planter is perfectly for her tiny self.

Katriane has a ::thlurrrp::


Archie takes a stroll.


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7-8-19 Monday — 8 Comments

  1. Aw, poor baby Antoine! Although sure, he had it coming, but a pouting baby Antoine would be impossible to resist picking up and comforting.

    I love Archie and his cute little white flip-flops.

  2. He had it coming
    He had it coming
    He only had himself to blame…

    Haha poor Antoine, oooops!

    Madeline, that teacup is perfect for your tiny self.

    Francois is an independent character, isn’t he?

  3. From the 2005 entry: “Look what I found in my /tmp directory! I think I took these with the spud’s camera”. I come from the old days (think I started following late 2003 or early 2004 – eep!), and I remember those sweet muffins. Just wanted to ask after the Spud…hope she’s doing well these days!

    • She’s doing great – lives in Massachusetts with her boyfriend and their pit bull mix Koshi, works full-time as an assistant manager in the seafood department of a grocery store. Happy, healthy, doing well. 🙂