6-30-22 Thursday

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It’s a mid-yawn Angus pie! (My favorite!)

Sometimes Ian looks a little cross-eyed.

Other times he looks a LOT cross-eyed!

Brianna, with attitude.

I love the way Jenny’s reflection makes this picture look like Brianna is looking at her inner tortie in the mirror.

Jenny (left) and Lizzie take in some sun.

Jamie too.

Marsali and Roger settle down for their naps.

Oh that Fergus is just a pretty, pretty boy.

And so is Lord John Grey!


Oh, that Khal. Just magnificent (and he knows it!)


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Ian’s striped whiskers are just the coolest.

Jamie’s all “This doesn’t involve you, lady. Keep it moving.” (I would be more sympathetic toward Brianna except that I watched her stomp over to Jamie and jump on him.)⁠

YouTube link
BOOPing Roger and Fergus. Boop boop BOOP!

This is the look Brianna gave me after I asked “Why are you so cute?”

YouTube link
Your daily kittens-playing video. Watching the kittens play… and Brianna finds Jocasta’s tail very very interesting.

I picked up the fishy tunnel and moved it, and suddenly it was THE MOST INTERESTING THING EVER. You can see 9 kittens, but Marsali was actually inside the tunnel, making all 10 kittens agree that this tunnel is the coolest.

Good night innernets. (Angus in the crib – and yes, he did indeed put himself in there.)


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6-30-22 Thursday — 5 Comments

  1. A view of her inner tortie? That could be a scary sight! Beware to the innocent who knows not the inner tortie (or the inner calico). 😉

    Khal is a sight for sore eyes. I miss seeing his glorious bod/catitude. Indeed, he’s gorgeous!

  2. I agree with everything that Eva wrote. Forties are so beautiful and Khai is absolutely magnificent. Thanks Robyn for all the pics/videos of those wild bunch kittens and their awesome mother and step mother. Have you had a group of fosters that you’ve named after Breaking Bad Characters or Better Call Saul characters?

  3. When I first saw a close up of Ian a couple of days ago I thought another kitty was chewing on his whiskers because they looked short. So glad that it was just a trick of the light or something due to his having striped whiskers!