6-30-20 Tuesday

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Two years ago we had a cobbled-together litter of kittens we named after Maine towns and called collectively The Mainers. That included these two…

Floofy ornj boy Dexter and his floofy tortie sister Millinocket (Millie).

They were adopted together – their people came down from Kentucky! – Dexter remained Dexter and Millinocket is now Mollie. And here they are now!

Mollie, sleeping in the paper recycling bin, as you do. Her little face is so sweet!

And here’s Dexter, being inquisitive on his climber.

They bathe each other all the time. Sometimes they bathe their big brother Angus. They are very much bonded. They still sleep in a pile…

Or next to each other.

Sharon also reports: They are still the sweetest, most loving little ones. Every afternoon while I work, [Dexter] snoozes with me. Mollie doesn’t meow much, but she trills a lot. They both like to help me with whatever I am doing. They are both so soft…

Can you believe it’s been TWO years? Time goes so fast. I sure do love seeing their sweet faces. Thanks, Sharon!

(Just a reminder that you can see their sisters Ellie (formerly Eliot) and Arwen (formerly Arundel) on Facebook. This time two years ago, we still thought Ellie was a boy. Mis-sexing kittens is a vital part of the Love & Hisses brand, of course.)


Benjamin’s hangin’ out with Mama.

Bugs shows off his Ears of Annoyance.

And Clyde shows off his.

Honey on the Fancy Sofa. It suits her, doesn’t it?

Cutey has a grumpy.

A family portrait, this time without Bunny. Why? Because Bunny was all “NOPE, BYE.” And then about 2 seconds after I took this picture, Lola also hopped the Last Train to Nopesville.

Benjamin’s dreaming of the day he can reach that ceiling fan pull.

Bugs is all “You can do it!”

That little trash can lives at the bottom of the stairs, and I hang dishtowels, dishcloths and cleaning rags off the side so they’ll dry while I’m waiting ’til I have enough for a full load. I took it upstairs the other day, and the kittens swarmed. Bugs climbed up the side and pulled it over.

Then he and Lola climbed inside.

And Clyde and Benjamin joined them. And much fun was had.

So if you’re wondering what to stock your foster room with, may I suggest dirty laundry and trash cans?


Alice in her favorite spot on the screened porch, lookin’ pretty.

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6-30-20 Tuesday — 7 Comments

  1. Oh my goodness look at Dexter and Mollie! So plush and loving! I love foster updates!!❤️

  2. I do not want to make you sad again because of Kara, but can we please get some updates on her kittens. I was scrolling through your old posts and found an update on Dora (formerly Inara) back in 2017 or 2018. She had the very expression as her mom.

  3. Look at Mollie and Dexter!! It’s so nice to get updates on their wee faces…

    Hopping the Last Train to Nopesville, lol.

  4. Thank you Sharon,

    those are two obviously very well loved and spoiled kittens. Love seeing their sweet faces and watch how they bathe each other.

  5. Thank you to everyone for their kind words to Mollie and Dexter. They are absolutely wonderful companions and they get along well with their older siblings – Angus (5), Skye (14), and Smoke (14). From time to time, Dexter starts washing Smoke (believing she is Mollie), who immediately gives him the Ears of Annoyance (to which he is completely oblivious), then picks up her Whappin’ Paw, which he can’t ignore. Life is good for all of us.

  6. Awwwww, Dexter and Molly (Millie)! That entire litter was made of amazing and love and silliness, but I confess, Millie/Molly was my favorite of the lot. First among equals? Tiny torties for the win. So glad to hear they’re doing as wonderfully well as they are! Please pass along some cuddles?

    Alice Mo the calico, lookin’ pretty because she is, yo. *pets*