6-13-21 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Post-breakfast cleanup. Rummy wants to be sure Slapjack is clean!

Smilin’ Rummy.

Slapjack thinks a nap is just the thing he needs.

Hooray, hooray, Rummy and Slapjack were adopted (together!) today!!! They are headed home right now… to Phoenix, Arizona where they will join big kitty brothers Cheeto and Franklin! Their names will remain the same, and they WILL be on Instagram AND Facebook! Happy lives, sweet babies. (And thanks for making that trip, Kim and David!)

I got word this morning that Rummy and Slapjack made it to Phoenix safe and sound!⁠

“After multiple weather delays, the cardsharks made it home at 0330 Alabama time. Well behaved and whompy for the flights and the quick drive home, they’re now on Level 10 jumping and pouncing and playing with all of their new toys. They both appear to be part spider monkey 🙂 “⁠

Reminder: you can follow these two on Instagram @az_cardsharks and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AZCardsharks.

Former foster alert! Amber (left, formerly Ambercup, one of our bottle babies from the Squash Bugs back in 2015) and Phoenix (right, from Mercury’s Missions in 2017) look pretty snuggly and relaxed.⁠

Keep these girls along with their sister Stardust, brother Truman, and mama Debra in your thoughts – they are in the process of moving to Maine today! I know everything will go well (and they’ll settle in comfortably), but good thoughts aimed their way never hurt. ❤️ (Update: everyone made it safe and sound!)

It’s Fizzbin! Look at that sweet, happy face. Michelle says: “Cotton Tail her protector while she sleeps! My daughter was reading to her and she seemed to enjoy the book😍. She loves that little stuffed kitty, snuggles it in her bed. “⁠

I’ve seriously never had a litter of kittens who loved those stuffed kitties so much. I sent one home with each set (1 to Fizzbin, 1 to Pinochle, Uno and Whist, and 1 to Rummy and Slapjack) just because they had such fun with them.⁠

The picture of Fizzbin being read to – oh my lord, how CUTE is that?? (Thanks Michelle!)

YouTube link
Watch them grow! The Cardshark kittens from newborn to 14 weeks old! (Much longer video coming in a couple of hours – these are just the weekly “portraits” put into one video.)

YouTube link
From beginning to goodbye.

Canasta and her kittens have all been adopted; here’s a video of pictures of them growing up (it was really hard to choose pictures without choosing all of them – but I don’t know that anyone would watch a video of 1600 pictures, so I did my best.) Not all pictures include all kittens, but most pictures include most of them!

You can follow Mama Canasta on Instagram here.

You can follow Pinochle (now P-Kitty), Whist and Uno on Facebook here.

And Rummy and Slapjack are on Facebook here and Instagram here.

Good night innernets. (Permanent resident Charlie, who does not miss the kittens… but he sure does miss the kitten food!)

In case you missed it on the blog this morning:⁠

Ordinarily, with one litter all adopted out, we’d either already have a new litter/pregnant cat in the house, or be about to get one or the other. However, I did mention yesterday that we are taking a break, and that is because we’re moving!⁠

We’re not moving for a few weeks yet (about a month, actually), but I have an entire house to pack, so that’s going to be taking up most of my time for the foreseeable future. (We are moving to a slightly smaller house on more land (1 acre), it is located about 45 minutes from here, and my #1 goal once we’ve moved is to get the new foster room up and running as soon as possible. Also, the cat fence is moving with us and the new house already has a screened porch!)⁠

Sorry Charlie, we are NOT taking Earl the Skwerl with us when we move!

Good night innernets! (Permanent residents) Archie (left), Khal (on the wash stand) and Newt (right.))

I cut back the catnip in the pot because I do not like it when the catnip gets leggy, and then I forgot to bring the catnip inside to dry it, but that’s okay because (permanent resident) Khal found it and got sooooo hiiiiigh.⁠

Our permanent residents are allowed in the back yard during the day; we have a cat fence around the back yard to contain them. (Google Purrfect Fence for more information.)

Good night innernets. ((Permanent resident) Archie)⁠

Throw Back Thursday: From 2011, this was foster Lucy Peppers from the Peppers Gang litter. She and her siblings were a tad hissy when they came to us, but they warmed up quickly… and they were all absolutely ADORABLE.

Throw Back Thursday: From 2015, Peter from the foster trio Peter, Paul and Mary. Here’s Peter showing off his Open Mouth of Outrage.

Throw Back Thursday: Everett Peppers (that’s him in mid-air) from 2011. He’s from the same litter as Lucy Peppers (posted this morning). That boy could LEAP – I swear he’d jump up and just HANG there in mid-air for the longest time before floating back to the ground. (That’s Lucy Peppers on the ground, right, looking up at him. Also, Permanent Resident Jake on the left, and Permanent Resident (now gone) Sugarbutt peeking in from the hallway.)

YouTube link
Crating 15 kittens…and setting them free!

In November of last year, we were fostering FIFTEEN kittens. Usually when I have foster kittens and I need to clean their room, I put them in the bathroom and then clean the room and return them. With 15 kittens, it was easier for me to clean around them the best I could, then put them in a big crate, mop, let the floor dry, and then release them (it only took about 10 minutes for the floor to dry). So many people asked how on earth I got all 15 kittens into the crate, so I made a video! (Watching this makes me need a nap, I swear.)

Throw Back Thursday: Stompers! His “official” name wasn’t Stompers, it was… Cicero! (I actually had to go look that up.) He was part of a cobbled-together litter named after types of potatoes (The ‘Taters). Fred nicknamed him Stompers because of the way he’d stomp across the floor, and the name stuck. Everyone LOVED Stompers, because look at that face. How could you not?

Throw Back Thursday: From 2011, this was Rufus. He showed up on our property; at the time we were taking a break from fostering because I was recovering from surgery. I looked out one afternoon to see him, and he was under the bird feeder eating discarded bird seed. He looked particularly round to me, and I said in dismay “It’s a pregnant cat who’s starving so much she’s eating bird seed! You need to trap her!” So Fred set out the trap and caught a not-pregnant male kitten who was pretty scared. I took this picture about a day later of him sitting in my lap giving me the Eyes of Lurve. He turned out to be a total sweetheart.

Good night innernets. (Permanent resident Archie, who does not miss those kittens one tiny bit.)

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6-13-21 Weekly Roundup — 3 Comments

  1. Oh, I so love the updates! They all look so happy and content…

    And all of the Throwback photos too, amazes me to think how long I’ve been following you. (Would you look at Stompers’ little wee face!)

    I love that photo you made of the Permanent Residents riding in the car, all Beverly Hillbilly like. Lol, look at Jake in the backseat…

  2. congratulations on your new house. I am still in the same house as when I first discovered you.

    Will the new house be far enough into the countryside to have strays turn up on your doorstep again – like Crooked Acres?

    • It’s basically a small neighborhood surrounded by fields, so I don’t expect that strays will show up the way they did at Crooked Acres – but NEVER SAY NEVER!