6-12-20 Friday

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Is Cutie’s eye color changing? Her eyes look interesting.

All the kittens’ eye colors are still changing – I don’t think we’re anywhere near what their final color will be yet. Cutey’s got a kind of gold-green color right now, but I have no idea what color they’ll end up being. This seems like a good time to share these pictures:

That’s former foster Kennebec (from The ‘Taters) with the most drastic eye color change I’ve seen yet. In the first picture (July 2012) he was at least 3 months old and had mostly green-blue eyes (though you can see the gold coming in from the center.) The second picture is him about 6 months later (January 2013), all grown up and with really amazing eyes.


For some reason, every time I see Clyde*, he reminds me of a character named Glitch from a comic called theGaMERCaT. Here he is in his first appearance.

I can see the resemblance!


Why are there asterisks after Cutie and Clyde’s names in this one?

I’ve been asterisk-ing their names in social media posts because people couldn’t remember which kittens were the add-ins. When I put together the Weekly Roundup posts, I just cut and paste the captions, and didn’t bother to go through and take the asterisks out.


Does Bunny have long fur?? Since she was clipped of mats, I am assuming that she is a long hair. Those gorgeous ear furnishings are something.

Yep – here’s a picture of her with her newborns. You can see how far they’d gotten in clipping her before the kittens were born (they finished the job a few days later.) Her fur is growing back in, slowly, and I expect that when it’s all grown back in, she will be magnificent.


Something’s caught Clyde’s attention.

Benjamin awaits his bath.

Lola with attitude.

Lola and Benjamin have themselves a snuggle.

Bugs is all “This donut is BROKEN, there’s a HOLE IN IT.”

Bunny gets a break from the collar.

Cutey’s little face just kills me.

“Watching you, lady. Watching. YOU.”

Cutey’s behind makes a comfy pillow.

Honey, Bugs and Lola in the crown bed, giving me a little bit of attitude.

I love how Clyde is just hanging there, all “Is there room in there for me?” and Lola’s slapping at him, “No! No room for YOU.”

“Alrighty, then.”

Bunny’s neck wound is looking SO good, we are pretty close to being able to take that collar off for good. I leave it off if I’m upstairs and can keep an eye on her, but she still tries to scratch a little occasionally, so I put it on her when I’m not going to be around. Hopefully just another week – maybe less – and we can go no-collar. Fingers crossed!


Alice pauses, mid-bath, to keep an eye on something (probably one of her brothers.)

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6-12-20 Friday — 3 Comments

  1. I saw your story on Love Meow today! I saw the picture first and thought that that kitten looked like Clyde, then I looked at his adult “friend” and realized who it was! Soooo cute! He really is a sweet boy. If I could I would adopt him and Bunny (though Bunny might not be too pleased about it!) They will be a very beautiful and floofy couple when her fur grows out and he grows up and “into” his fur coat, which looks like it is going to be magnificent (as in “Khal the Magnificient”).

  2. I love Bunny… She reminds me of my sweet Mae. A girl can always dream – but if I wasn’t, oh…let’s see…about 1200 miles and a country away? Up north in Ottawa? I would snatch her up in a heartbeat…

    And by the way, I love how all of the blankets on the couch are cat-themed. Come to think of it, I can’t imagine it would be any other way.