6-11-20 Thursday

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Look who it is!

That’s Alejandro (now Fizzgig) and Javier (now Taco) with Uncle Felix!

Sara says: grumpy uncle Felix has even taken to cleaning Fizzgig lately since he still thinks the litter box is a great place to play.

How adorable is that? (There’ll be another Fizzgig/Taco pic on social media later today (you’ll see it on Sunday if you don’t do social media, worry not! And also another familiar floofy face!)

Thanks, Sara!


“Hallo, you has a snuggle for me?”

Clyde and Cutey have a snuggle.

I love the way it looks like this is a two-headed kitten.

Princess Cutey in her crown.

Bugs loves his Mama. (Well, Bugs loves the cord hanging from her collar too.)

A look at Lola’s markings.

Do you get the impression that Benjamin loves that basket? Because he certainly DOES.

It’s a Lola-topped sprinkle donut. My favorite!

Clyde has a complaint.

We have a lights-on-no-one-home situation going on here with Honey.

As of Tuesday, Bunny and the kittens have the run of the entire upstairs. They think it’s cool, though they (as did all the litters before them) return to the foster room to sleep and play. I imagine it’ll be a while yet before they realize that the big cat tree in my bedroom is the place to BE.


Jake on his throne, from a year ago (and Frankie behind him. Awww. I miss that boy!)


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6-11-20 Thursday — 3 Comments

  1. Benjamin still has a baby face! Pablo is looking big! I think we were all worried he wasn’t gaining as much weight as the others. It’s awesome to have updates from the boys so soon!