5-10-23 Wednesday

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I put this hammock scratcher next to the little blue cat tree in hopes that they’d use the hammock, and by golly they DID. (That’ll never happen again.)

Nick’s got his eye on the feather teaser.

Of course, when the feather teaser comes out, it turns into The Jay Show.

Family portrait!

Jay takes a swipe.

Zelda in the tunnel scratcher. (If you’re ever unsure whether you’re looking at Zelda or Nick, look for the orange eyebrow over her left eye, and you’ve got Zelda.)

Zelda under the curvy scratcher, wondering how she caught that rainbow. (There’s a crystal suncatcher in one of the windows that catches the sun and throws sparkly spots all over the room for a little while in the morning.)

Daisy does love that green bean.

Jay’s all “HALLO!”

Nick takes a gentle sniff of the end of Daisy’s tail (whereas it looks like Jay wants to go a little more grabby.)

Looks like Nick wants to be starting something.


A couple of times a day, after they’ve been fed, I put the Nestlings on a blanket on the kitchen floor so they can explore if they want to.

Rufous wants to.

He looks like a little bulldog.

Starling and Plover are still too little to be interested in much aside from eating and sleeping; Wren’s keeping them company.

She’s a good big sister.


Trixie (the neighbor’s cat who spends A LOT of time on our front porch) likes to occasionally hang out on the ledge outside this window and watch Newt sleep.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Nick finally discovered the ToastyCat bed and informs me that it’s comfy. (I got it from ToastyCat.com, but they appear to be sold out at the moment.)

Would you care for a cuppa Rufous? It’s sweet with subtle citrus notes – the perfect start for your day.

YouTube link
Myrtle shows off her moves, and then she and Jay race around.

LOL (Daisy and Jay)

YouTube link
Kittens through the tunnel. That tunnel scratcher continues to be a favorite. I think the time isn’t far off that they’re going to be too big for it, though!

It’s Toesday, and as such please admire Wren’s adorable lonnng toeses.

Good night innernets. (Zelda)


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5-10-23 Wednesday — 6 Comments

  1. Are Wren’s shockingly long toes unusual? Or did you just catch her at a weird angle?

    I don’t know what it is about the Nestlings, but they look so much more tiny and helpless than the babies who have mamas. Well, the babies who have furry mamas instead of Mama Robyn.

  2. Rufus is adorable. Looks like he might be a contender for “Stompers II.” Hang in there, the kittehs are so luck to have you and Fred.

  3. I definitely caught that Stompers resemblance! Stompers sends his love and wants to tell Rufous to hang in there!!

    You are such a wonderful soul for all you do for these babies. All 3 of mine are just the sweetest little floofs ever thanks to their early love from you.

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