4-1-20 Wednesday

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Note: it is April 1st, also known as April Fool’s Day, and can we just agree that if you’re the sort of prankster who LOVES THIS DAY (I myself do not), please read the room (“the room” being “the entire planet”) and know that this is not the time for your shenanigans and anyone you even attempt to prank today is legally able to double-slap you in your face with no consequences. SO LET’S JUST NOT.


Just a reminder that the bracelet (plus!) auction is going on now through Sunday to raise funds for isolation kennels for Forgotten Felines (which seems kind of apropos right now, am I right?). This is one of the plus! items that’s up for bid right now; you might recognize those faces.

So click on the picture or on this link right here, scroll through the album, and get to bidding.


These guys turned 7 weeks old yesterday – here’s what they look like now!

But first: yes! It appears that Javier will be a short-hair kitty, and the others will be medium or long-hair. Also, their eyes are definitely in the process of changing (no one will have blue eyes in the end, woe) and it’s my goal to get close-up shots of their eyes to show the changes. I expect them all to end up with green eyes like their mama.

Alejandro now weighs 2 lb 2 oz (birth weight 5.1 oz)
Pablo: 1 lb 6 oz (3.8)
Javier: 1 lb 14 oz (4.7)
Carmelita: 1 lb 12 oz (4.8)
Diego: 2 lb 2 oz (4.1)

As I predicted, now that Pablo can eat on his own he’s starting to gain a little more weight. He’s still the smallest of the bunch and may or may not remain that way, but he’s not as skinny as he’s been – he actually has a little belly that I can feel when I pick him up. He is now the first one to the plates of food as soon as I bring them into the room, and yesterday when I went in to do some laundry, he was the self-appointed spokeskitten who came over and climbed my leg to let me know that there was no canned food on the plates and I should remedy that right quick.

I just want to mention that there’s been a lot of interest in these kittens since they were born; Forgotten Felines won’t take applications until they’re 10 weeks old (so another 3 weeks), and they’ll be able to go home around early to mid-May, once they’re spayed and neutered (which should happen around the 12 week/3 month mark). If you’re interested in adopting any of these kittens OR Isabella, you need to email Forgotten Felines at info (at) ffhsv.org to get on the list. Once the kittens are 10 weeks old, everyone who’s interested will be contacted by FF.

As far as I know, there’s been no interest in Isabella yet. I am fully aware that many of you are of the very firm opinion that she should be made a permanent resident; many of you were also of the very firm opinion that we should have made permanent residents of Charles & Caroline, Margeaux and Katriane, every single kitten we fostered last year, and for that matter pretty much every single one of the 401 fosters we’ve had. Isabella will not be a permanent resident and that’s no reflection on her; her home is out there somewhere, not here with us. Maybe it’s with you? Email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire. (If you cannot give Isabella a home, no need to explain yourselves; I completely understand!)


“Are these kittens a prank, lady? They feel like a prank. Come here and let me double-slap you.”

Oh Carmelita, you adorable little poser. SQUOOSH.

Alejandro’s gonna kill that teddy.

Alejandro’s little down turned mouth kills me dead.

Ooh, a 3-kitten pie! My favorite!

Those cubes came from Ikea – they are the Lurvig cat houses with Lurvig cushions inside. They’re intended to go in the Kallax shelving units, and in fact they are intended to be open on top. However, given the price, I bought two of the cubes and two of the pillows, and then I turned the cubes upside-down, as you can see. The kittens LOVE to climb on top of them and bounce back and forth, jump over to the cat tree, and so forth. I’m not sure that black-fabric cubes that grab every bit of dust and cat fur were the absolutely best idea for that room, but they’re sturdy and the kittens love ’em, so I’m calling it a good buy.

Pablo will have you know that Javier makes a comfy bed.

Carmelita illustrates the walk from the top of the Lurvig to the cat tree. Simple!

Alejandro’s goofy little face cracks me up. That swinging chair thingy is a Fruitasan from Pier1, but unfortunately they appear to no longer be available. Grrr! Why you hate kittens, Pier1?

Oh that Pablo and his goofy little face.

Yep. He’s a loon. I guess I must have carried some loony Jake germs into the room and infected Pablo. ‘Cause he’s got a raging case of The Loons. Luckily, it’s not fatal, just amusing.

You think maybe there’s a toy dangling up there?


Khal has some existential angst (and bonus Newt in the back!)


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4-1-20 Wednesday — 9 Comments

  1. They are getting so big!!! Thank you for the daily
    up;lifting pics and dialog

  2. Isabella is looking quite thin in the bottom photo. I hope it’s just the angle. I know you are taking great care of her. Hang in there, sweetie, they’ll be eating their squishy meat off of plates very soon! And then they can stop sucking the life out of you.

  3. Seeing those little faces makes all of this that much more bearable!

    (Ask me though, what with not going anywhere and social distancing if my apartment is any cleaner or organized? Nope! But thanks to Live PD, I do see K9 style take downs in Malcolm’s future.)

  4. Thank you Robyn for all you and Fred do for kittens, and I COMPLETELY agree about April 1st!

  5. Robyn, I love you to bits and am grateful for all you and Fred do for cats and kittens, but I absolutely disagree about not pranking anyone. More than ever, we all need a good laugh and a good love in our lives right now. I do agree that “read the room” is a good idea, but don’t not joke, just tailor the jokes to sensibilities. If you don’t know what I mean about needing a little humor about the whole situation, go look up toilet paper memes. 🙂

  6. Thanks for your comment about pranks, Robyn! I definitely have a sense of humor, but am never one for pranks, since the goal always seems to be making the pranked-upon look foolish. That’s not fun any year, but especially not now.

    However, I don’t mind at all that Pablo is a loon! I wonder if Jake would recognize a fellow loon???

  7. Pablo is so funny as a loon. Just like Jake. Also, The Fools are turning five years old. Happy Birthday, Gilda, Shecky, Skelton, Roseanne, Rickles, Belushi and Louis!

  8. Yaaaaay Floofville! That’s a wonderful place to be. Granted, so is Velvet Shorthair Kittyville. 🙂

    Are this bunch purring much yet?