4-2-20 Thursday

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I feel like Javier’s always judging me.

And Alejandro’s often annoyed by me.

There’s Javier, watching me again. I must be fascinating.

Diego’s a little more subtle about keeping an eye on me.

“Hallo, lady. I watchin’ you, but I find you not very interesting. Is all I’m sayin’.”

I love it when I’m half the room away and kittens think they can reach out and smack me.

Have I mentioned that those kittens really like hanging out on top of those cubes?

Carmelita really likes that track toy (really, they all do.)

And Diego really likes that scratcher (again, they all do.)

Pretty pretty Isabella (and Diego in the background all “::sigh:: My Mama is sooooo purty!”

Pablo would like you to admire his one white toe, please.


Fred was going for the belly rub and Dewey said “Let me make it easier for you!”


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4-2-20 Thursday — 4 Comments

  1. These little floofs are the most! Great lighting on Dewey; really brings out the caramel in his coat.