3-8-23 Wednesday

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Daisy’s all “Come ON, lady, where’s the food?!”

I kinda love it when she lies flat on her belly.

Belly: big & active.
Nipples: pink.
Fur around the nipples: receding.
Milk? Not yet.
My prediction: this weekend. (Or before. Or after. One of those!)


Lilly is a track toy aficionado.

She knows what she likes.

Lincoln’s all “You got feathers, lady?”

Lilly likes the window hammock.

Lincoln likes the scratcher hammock.

Luring Lincoln with treats.

Lincoln and Lilly are having a good time in the foster room. I have to lure them over with feathers or treats still, but if I go into the room when they’re sleeping, they’ll stay where they are and let me pet them. That… feels like progress? Maybe?


Most of the time my bed is cat-free because I move around a LOT in my sleep, and it’s apparently annoying to the cats. But every once in a while Charlie sleeps with me, and I love waking up and seeing him there next to me.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Lilly’s one flexible gal.

Is this a taco truck or a birthin’ truck? Daisy will let you know!

YouTube link
Lilly in my lap, purring and purring.

Lincoln could NOT be any more pleased with himself.

YouTube link
Some close-up belly movement. There are some active little ones in there!

Ooh, Daisy pie! (My favorite, but we might have overfilled that pie crust.)

YouTube link
Luring Lincoln in. I use the feather teaser to get him to come over to me, and then I pet him while he’s distracted by the feather teaser. (It’s hard to make a video of just what exactly I do, because I usually wave the feather around with one hand and pet him with the other!)

Daisy’s keepin’ the belly cool (again). (Good night innernets.)


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3-8-23 Wednesday — 7 Comments

  1. I LOVE when Riley sleeps with me. I also move around a lot and she doesn’t like it when I disturb her! I love it though when I wake up and she’s next to me(which doesn’t happen often.). Looks like Daisy’s. kittens are getting ready to enter this world soon. I’m betting mama will be happy !

    Thanks Robyn for your wonderful photos, your fosters and permanent residents always brighten my day!

  2. Wow, all the toys in the “She knows what she likes” picture! I mean, I know that there are always a lot of toys around, but they just look particularly plentiful here! Kittycat heaven! (Even if L+L are still dubious, haha…)

    • The number of cat toys in this house is utterly ridiculous (I always say that I send toys home with fosters when they’re adopted because otherwise this house would be stuffed to the ceiling with nothing but cat toys!)

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