3-21-23 Tuesday

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In case you missed it, the kittens have been named!

The tiny calico girl: Myrtle.
The house panther boy: Nick.
The tiny tortie girl: Zelda. (Not a character in the book, but F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife, so close enough. Michelle currently has a cat named Jordan, so we couldn’t use that.)
The tuxie: Jay.

The little family. (I swear, I could sit and watch them ALL DAY LONG.)

Boys in the back, girls in the front.

On the move!

Nick, up close (and Myrtle in the background.)

Line ’em up! From left: Zelda, Myrtle, Nick and Jay.

Nick during yesterday’s weigh-in. The kittens are doing great, gaining weight nicely.

Zelda is surprisingly chill. All the kittens are, really – though Myrtle is very opinionated.

Daisy’s keeping an eye on me.


“Why you boring the innernets with those baby kittens, lady? They wanna see US, not little roly-poly squirmy kittens!”

These two sure do love the Da Bird teaser.

There goes Joanie.

And there goes Marsali!

Marsali can fly when she wants to!


Note that Khal is leaning toward Jake with one ear held back.

They like to do a move I call “the mind meld” where they press their heads together and just stay like that for 30 seconds or so. Jake does it with most of the permanent residents, but Khal only does it with Jake. Awww.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Kittens at the milk bar (and Daisy waiting for me to scratch her chin.) ❤️

People of the innernets, say hello to the Crate Catsbys (arranged here in order of their birth.) Calico girl is Myrtle, house panther is Nick, the tortie is Zelda (not a character in the book, but author F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife, and a novelist herself), and the tuxie is Jay. They are just the CUTEST.

YouTube link
Life at the milk bar: it’s the happening place to be!

YouTube link
Lincoln and Lilly were adopted and went home to Colorado Saturday. Here’s a montage of their stay with us, from hello to adoption. They went from very scared kittens hiding behind the toilet to confident, playful kittens who learned about the good life: Churu, treats, and feather teasers. ❤

She can’t even see yet, but I’m already feeling judged by Myrtle.

YouTube link
Joanie’s favorite toy is Marsali’s tail. I mean, it IS like 7 miles long, I can’t blame Joanie for being enthralled!

Good night innernets. (The Crate Catsbys)


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3-21-23 Tuesday — 10 Comments

  1. Every time I look at Jay’s picture, my eyes see your middle fingernail as his big open mouth!

  2. A calico being opinionated? Naw….can’t be!
    Lisa, Owner/servant/slave of a Calico.

  3. And the `tude begins, or rather, starts early. Can’t wait to watch them grow up.

    Although, Joanie has the most disapproving looks I’ve seen in a while. These girls are somethin’ else!

    • Forgot to mention that Khal is a big ol’ softee with Jake, as he should be. Jake is one adorable boy!