3-21-21 Weekly Roundup

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I did not expect Rummy to be the first one to look out of the crate… but I’m also not THAT surprised. Canasta’s pretty sure it’s my fault, though.

Rummy gives us a yawn (not a hiss – I’ve only seen a very few halfhearted hisses in the past couple of days, and usually it’s a sound that causes it.)

Slapjack fell asleep at the milk bar.

Mama takes a break.

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Timelapse video! 10 minutes compressed down to 1 minute. Watch ’em zoom zoom zoom!

(Permanent resident) Archie comes stomping over to see just what I think I’m doing.

Pile o’ CUTE.

Good night innernets.

Time for your morning baths, kids!

We’ve got a lights-on-no-one-home situation going on here with Whist. Or maybe it’s a “Halp, I can’t breathe” situation, with Fizzbin sitting on top of her like that.

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Kitten mosh pit.

She’s a talker.

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I 100% knew I was about to sneeze and wanted to see if it would make the kittens hiss. Just a sad little complaint from Slapjack and zero hisses. What fun is that?

(Permanent residents) Charlie and Alice greeting each other. (This right here is one of the reasons we decided to keep Charlie* – because he’s the first kitten we’ve seen that doesn’t scare or pick on her. Even when Charlie’s racing around acting a fool – Fred reported that Charlie did a Matrix-style leap over her the other morning – Alice just ignores him. They’ve even been spotted playing together a time or two.⁠

*Charlie was originally one of our fosters (then named Aramis, one of the Mewsketeers kittens) in July – October of last year. He’s an awesome boy, and at least once a day we talk about how he was the perfect choice for a permanent resident. He integrated with the other permanent residents immediately, Jake and Khal (and occasionally Alice and Archie) will play with him, and I have yet to see a kitten or cat who minds him.

The tuxie sisters (Uno on the left, Rummy on the right) have a tandem yawn. It’s a rough life, kittens.

Good night innernets.

Talk to the paw.

I’m pretty sure Canasta is looking forward to the end of having to potty these kittens. Just a few more weeks!⁠

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Whist and the wiggly ears. I guess they’re not, technically speaking, WIGGLING. But the way she stretches them out when I talk to her is killing me.

Come on, girls – it’s Love and HISSES, not Love and KISSES, you’re going to ruin our reputation. (Whist & Uno)

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3 minutes of kittens toddling around, rolling around on their backs, waving their tiny little legs in the air. Yes, they are FAR too cute and I can’t stand it. And they’re only going to get CUTER!

(Permanent residents) Newt (the buff boy in the front) and Khal (the magnificent floofball in the back) love the milder days of spring.

Rummy considers her next move.

Good night innernets.

Whist wishes you a happy St. Paddy’s Day! Erin go Bragh! ⁠

(I nearly said “Erin go Brockovich”, but I suspect I’m the only one who would laugh ’til I snorted over that dumb joke. So I didn’t. Except I did! Hahahaha ::snort:: )

We got the results of (permanent resident) Khal’s DNA test! (Someone sent us the test several weeks back – thank you, Someone!) I am unsurprised that he’s part Maine Coon and Siberian, pretty surprised that he’s got no Norwegian Forest Cat in him, and very surprised that he has any Peterbald and Oriental Shorthair in him. Basically, he’s a moggy (that’s the cat version of a mutt, right?) If you can’t read the graphic, I’ve got it typed in below.⁠

Maine Coon: 10.85%⁠
American Shorthair: 8.92%⁠
Russian Blue: 6.59%⁠
Abyssinian: 3.16%⁠
Siberian: 2.94%⁠
Ragdoll: 1.98%⁠
Broadly Western: 17.76%⁠

Exotic Shorthair: 3.23%⁠
Persian: 0.90%⁠
Broadly Persian: 5.31%⁠

Egyptian Mau: 7.38%⁠

Peterbald: 5.10%⁠
Oriental Shorthair: 1.52%⁠

Polycat: 24.37%⁠

All those breeds are Google-able (or Bing-able, or search engine of your choice-able), but to sum up what a Polycat is: “Polycats are domestic cats of (yet) unknown origins.”

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One of the kittens was purring IN RESPONSE TO MY VOICE and that is… unusual at this age, in my experience, for kittens who have a mother cat present. You might have to crank the sound (the dryer was going).

(Permanent resident) Newt will have you know that it ain’t easy being green and given that his day started with a trip to the vet (for some routine bloodwork to check his thyroid), he doesn’t feel all that lucky.

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Conversation with Canasta. She’s a talker!

(Permanent resident) Charlie had a little too much green beer. In his defense, he thought it was catnip beer.

Pinochle has a blep.

Good night innernets.

Canasta’s all “Yeah, I guess they’re kinda cute.”

Look at sweet Phoenix – our foster in 2017, one of Mercury’s daughters – looking cozy. In June she and her family will be moving north to New England. (Bet they won’t miss the threat of tornadic activity!) (Thanks, Debra!)

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Toddling up to the milk bar. ❤️

Whist has a snuggle with mama.

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The milk bar is the place to BE, apparently.

I’m getting distinct “You’re not MY DADDY, go away” vibes from (Permanent resident) Alice Mo the calico.

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Toddling around the crate, ’cause that’s what toddlers do!

Good night innernets.⁠

Uno has a really important question for Mama, but doesn’t want to wake her up ’cause she might be grumpy.

3 weeks old and starting to look like miniature cats! As I predicted, Fizzbin was the first one to cross the 1 pound line, with Slapjack not far behind her. Here are their current weights, with their birth weights in parentheses:⁠
Uno: 13.9 oz (4.1)⁠
Slapjack: 15.1 oz (4.8)⁠
Pinochle: 14.1 oz (4.4)⁠
Whist: 14.3 oz (4.3)⁠
Rummy: 13.5 oz (4.1)⁠
Fizzbin: 1 lb 0.1 oz (4.8)⁠

Canasta weighed 9 pounds, 3 ounces this morning, which means she lost 4 ounces since last week (she weighed 12 pounds, 10 ounces the day before she had them.) She’s still losing weight, but not nearly as fast as she was.

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“No hissing kittens here, nope,” says Fizzbin. “Wasn’t me, and if it was you can’t prove it and if you can I didn’t mean it, so there.”

Line ’em up! Left to right: Pinochle, Fizzbin, Whist, Slapjack, Rummy and Uno.

YouTube link
Meet the kittens. They’re 3 weeks old today, so meet each of them (though they’re still a little too young to look at the camera the way I would have liked.) They’re in alphabetical order: Fizzbin, Pinochle, Rummy, Slapjack, Uno & Whist. And lots of Canasta coming to see what I’m doing with her babies.

(Permanent residents) Newt (orange), Khal (floofy black) and Archie (gray with Ears of Annoyance) agree that the guest bedroom is the happening place to be.

Canasta and Whist.

Good night innernets. (That’s Slapjack in the front.)

If you’re interested in seeing the progression pics of the kittens, here are the tuxies. (I’m also posting progression pics on their page, and there’s a table at the bottom of the page with their weights that I update regularly. Their page is here )

If you’re interested in seeing the progression pics of the kittens, here are the tabbies (the tuxies were posted a couple of hours ago). (I’m also posting progression pics on their page, and there’s a table at the bottom of the page with their weights that I update regularly. Their page is here )

Slapjack gets a Mama hug.

Would have been nice if they’d all looked directly at the camera, but whattaya gonna do? They’re three weeks old. They’ll figure it out eventually. At least you can see everyone’s face in this picture! Back: Uno, Pinochle, Fizzbin, Whist. Rummy in front of Whist, and Slapjack in the very front.

YouTube link
Kittens at the milk bar. I love watching them nurse. ❤️

(Permanent resident) Jake loves to snooze on this doll bed by the window.

Fizzbin is tired of my hijinks.

Good night innernets. (Some of them are more sleepy than others, obviously.)


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  1. The zoom zoom zoom video is the wrong link. Goes to a video of Canasta still pregnant playing. Still fun to watch though!

  2. 3 minutes of kittens toddling about is heavenly…

    I love seeing all the progression pics!

  3. AHHHH a tiny purrer oh my squee! I don’t think I’ve heard of a kitten purring that early, but I am absolutely here for it!