2-13-19 Wednesday

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Edited to add: Between 8:30 and about 10:30 this morning, Caroline had FIVE very healthy looking (wiggly, nursing) kittens. They’re all brown or gray tabbies (no idea of the sexes yet). I think she’s done (though this wouldn’t be the first time one more appeared!), and all are doing well. The whole story in tomorrow’s post, but I’m sure I’ll be posting more pictures over at Instagram/Facebook.


Yesterday, because we like to live life on the edge, and because Charles has been driving us CRAYZEE with the incessant howling to get OUT of the foster room, we blocked off the stairway to the downstairs, closed the door to Fred’s office, and let Charles and Caroline out to roam the upstairs.

“OH DEAR LORD,” someone’s probably screaming at their computer right. “WHAT IF CAROLINE CLIMBS INTO A SPOT WHERE YOU CAN’T REACH HER AND GIVES BIRTH? WHAT THEN?!”

To which I answer: there is not spot in the entire upstairs that I cannot reach. If she crawls under a bed and begins to give birth, I’ll slide in after her and gently carry her back to the foster room.

(I should probably add that they’ll only have access to the upstairs during the day; they’ll be in the foster room at night.)

Like I mentioned, Charles has gotten more and more vocal in the past week or so. In the home where they were living before their owner surrendered them to the shelter, I assume they had access to all (or most of, at least) the rest of the house and weren’t confined to one room, so it makes sense that he’s been objecting to this terrible treatment.

Charles and Caroline think that this whole roaming-around-the-upstairs thing is PRETTY COOL.

Checking out the hallway.

Making himself at home.

Watching the garbage truck go by.

“Why it do that?”



I wondered whether, given the chance to get away from each other, they’d hang out in separate parts of the upstairs, but it turns out that they did pretty much what they’ve been doing for the past 3 1/2 weeks: wander off from each other for a few minutes, and then go looking for each other. I took a nap on Fred’s bed, and both of them napped with me, Caroline on my left and Charles on my right. I kept my left hand on Caroline’s belly, and it was EXTREMELY cool to feel those (very active!) kittens moving around.

Her appetite MAY have dropped off a little (though it could also be the excitement of having all that room to explore yesterday). As mentioned, the kittens are moving around like crazy in there. When will we have kittens? No idea. Since she’s a cat and cats are contrary creatures, she probably won’t have them tomorrow (Valentine’s Day) because that’s when we ALL want her to have them.

PS: To answer the often-asked question: even if she does have her kittens on Valentine’s Day, we’re sticking with the Little House on the Prairie naming theme.


Khal + track toy = true love.


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