2-26-19 Tuesday

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Sisterly love. (Mary with the blue ear, and Laura under her.)

Kitten hugs. (I think that’s Albert, but I can’t swear to it.)

Laura makes an excellent foot rest, apparently.

Albert’s a perfect little handful.

That is one crowded milk bar.

“Watchin’ you, lady.”

“Also watchin’ you, lady.” (Not sure, but I think that’s Willie.)

Mary has a skeptical.

Willie does too.

Bath time before nap time for the happy couple.

In an attempt to stave off boredom for Charles (because waiting around for Caroline to finish looking after the babies can be borrring for a guy), I bought him a couple of those toys with feathers attached that makes bird sounds if you toss or smack them. I opened one of the packages yesterday morning and tossed it across the room for him. He went after it and played with it for a few minutes, and then he snatched it up and trotted out of the room. I followed, and walked into the foster room behind him in time to see him drop it by the carrier the kittens are in, and then he chirruped at them. Dear lord, it was about the sweetest thing EVER.


Newt’s got his feather and he’s not letting go.


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