2-20-19 Wednesday

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Can you even believe these kittens are a week old? It seems both like they were JUST born 10 minutes ago and also that they’ve always been here.

I’ll have their 1-week-old pictures up in tomorrow’s post (since I need to take them today), along with their weights. We still haven’t sexed and named them, hopefully in another couple of days. It’s so hard to tell when they’re this tiny, and it doesn’t help that the couple of times I’ve looked, I wasn’t wearing my reading glasses and so couldn’t tell a thing.

White Toes is out cold.

I swear, those kittens are going to be bigger than their mama by the time they’re 2 months old.

They’re just so darn SWEET.

Mouth breather. (If you look very close, you can see his/her tongue.)

So. Many. Stripes!

When I change out the bedding, I just lift the old bedding out of the carrier, kittens and all, put the new bedding in, and then lift the kittens back into the carrier one by one. If he hears a kitten crying, Charles will come see what’s going on. He leaned down and gave that kitten a quick sniff before he decided he had better things to do.

Caroline pottying a kitten, and the little legs straight up in the air are killing me.

Caroline’s face is cracking me up.

He might be nearly twice her size, but she starts 99% of these tussles, and she’s usually the one who wins them, too.

True love.

So yesterday, while Caroline was eating her breakfast, I quick-like-a-bunny took the kittens out of the carrier – bedding and all – and put them in the big crate. Caroline heard the kittens complaining, and when she came over to see what was going on, oh boy did she give me a LOOK. Then she snatched up one of those kittens and carried it back to the carrier, left it, and came back for another.

Didn’t I just feel like a MONSTER. So while she was carrying the second kitten back to the carrier, I carried the other three kittens (and the bedding) back to the carrier and apologized profusely to her. She forgave me because she’s such a sweetheart.

I’m actually wondering if she prefers the carrier to the big crate because she doesn’t want Charles in with them all just yet. He’s quite a bit heavier than she is, and while I doubt he’d do anything to hurt the kittens on purpose, I can imagine him accidentally squashing a kitten without meaning to. Or maybe she just prefers to not have to deal with him while she’s dealing with the kittens. Who knows? What I do know is that she’s in charge, so I won’t be moving them again.


Oh, that Frankie. Couldn’t you just kiss him? (He’d totally let you! Well, he’d let me. He might not let a stranger kiss him. He’s got STANDARDS.)


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