2-15-19 Friday

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I’m not a geneticist either, but I’ve always been fascinated by the genetics of coat colors and patterns in cats.

Charles IS a “brown” tabby. A brown tabby is a black cat that also has the agouti gene (responsible for the ticking, striping, and swirls on the various tabby patterns). Charles is a mackerel-pattern tabby, sort of the basic “default cat”. He also has the white spotting gene, though that can range from a few hairs to a cat that is entirely white (I had one, born with two tiny gray spots that disappeared), and everything in between.

Caroline, a black cat, lacks the agouti gene, but at least for this litter, it’s obvious the agouti gene from Papa has the override. She, of course has the white spotting gene, expressed in the “tuxie” pattern. I, too, expected a mix of tabby and black (and various white spotting on them) kittens. Too bad they don’t have more white, just for ID purposes! Well, and because white spots are fun!

THANK YOU for that simple and easy to follow (and interesting!) explanation, Joy!


And aren’t Charles and Caroline the absolute sweetest couple?? I’m sure I don’t have to ask, but you are going to have them adopted together, right? Actually, I think you should keep them, I’m not done with those two yet. 🙂

They are the cutest – and at this point (unless fatherhood changes him a LOT somehow and there’s a nasty breakup) I’m pretty sure they’ll have to be adopted together. Not by us, but of course YOU are always welcome to fill out the application to adopt them. 🙂


Where did she decide to have her babies? Mom and babies look adorable!

In the smallest, darkest, hardest-to-take-decent-pictures-of spot possible, of course! Why birth the kittens in the big, spacious crate on the left when you can cram yourself (okay, she’s tiny, so there wasn’t really much cramming going on) in the carrier under the built-in desk on the right? I kid, of course – there’s plenty of room for Caroline and the kittens in that carrier. I’ll be interested to see if she ends up moving them in the future. I don’t think I’m the only one who’s hoping very much that there’s a future picture of both parents and all the kittens snuggled up together. Charles can barely fit his ears in there, let alone the rest of his big ol’ goofy self.


(Is that a little shaved spot on boyfriend Sir Khal’s right front leg?! Or is it just the angle?)

That IS a shaved spot on his leg. He went for a dental cleaning in mid-January. I think that if they’re going to shave one leg, they should shave the other to match!


“Please admire the toeses.” Check out those curb feelers! She’s got some awesome ones.

Aren’t those the coolest? She is such a fancy girl. And “curb feelers” is the perfect description!


Robyn, didn’t you say Mamas usually give birth during the evening/night?

This is an excellent question, and gave me a reason to go figure out if there was a pattern to when my mamas give birth. As it turns out, most of them have given birth in the morning hours. Here’s the list:

Very early morning (midnight – 4 am) – Emmy and Mercury.
Morning (5 – 7 am) – Kate, Nola, and Kristi.
Mid-morning (8 – 11 am) – Maggie, Katia and Caroline.
Late afternoon/early evening – Kara, Khaleesi and Lucy.

So even though I’ve always been told that cats usually give birth in the dead hours of the night – and maybe that’s true of cats who give birth outside – only Emmy and Mercury really did that. The only time of day I’ve never had a cat give birth was in the afternoon and the late evening.


Does Khal have a thick undercoat? My orange Khal lookalike – Sir Fluffybutt, Prince of the Fancypants, Catsquatch of College Hill (we call him Jerry), has an incredible undercoat that has a texture that’s somewhere between cotton candy and cottonwood fluff. It sticks to EVERYTHING. The slicker brush doesn’t seem to get his undercoat. Maybe I need one with longer bristles? Also – has anyone had their cat trimmed in the summer? He sheds so much that I thought that might help. Does it?

My recommendation is the Furminator Undercoat deshedding brush, this one.

(They should carry it at Petsmart and Petco, too).

As far as shaving, way way wayyyyy back in the day – 2003, I think – we had our only previous longhaired cat (Fancypants) shaved because he had so many tangles. He was a little freaked out afterward, but he adjusted pretty quickly, and he was so soft, he felt like velour. They left his tail and head unshaved, so he was quite the sight. I don’t know if it would have helped with the shedding – he unfortunately escaped the back yard and disappeared several weeks later (I don’t think that had anything to do with being shaved, he was just generally a jerk.)

If anyone else has advice, please feel free to chime in!


Charles and Caroline were on Love Meow yesterday! That video is just too darn sweet. Everything about those two are just so darn sweet, really.

Charles spent Wednesday night in the foster room with Caroline and the kittens, and it was perfectly fine. For the most part, unless the kittens are howling (which doesn’t happen much), he doesn’t really pay much attention to them. He stuck his head in the carrier once or twice to sniff at them during the night, with Caroline looking on. Yesterday when I was changing out their bedding and had the kittens all sitting in the little green and black basket (sorry, no pictures of that – I wanted to get the bedding changed out and the kittens back into the carrier while Caroline was eating), he came over and gently touched one of them with his paw. So he’s vaguely interested in a puzzled kind of way. I expect him to get more interested as they get older.

These kittens all look SO much alike that we’re going to mark their ears, probably later today. I don’t plan to weigh them every day, since they’re eating so well, but I need to weigh them every now and then to keep an eye on things, and to do that I need to know who’s who!

When we were weighing the kittens Wednesday, Caroline hit her “NOPE, YA MESSED UP, HUMANS” point, and came and took this kitten away from us. Awww, c’mon Caroline, we’re sorry! (She didn’t hold a grudge.)

Lord are they ever CUTE.

We has us a hisser. S/he’s a prodigy!

Siblings always make the comfiest beds.

Those TOES.

“Why you torturing my babies, lady?”

I love that some of her whiskers are white and others are black.

These kittens aren’t crazy about being handled (no kitten this age ever is, really), but they’re not as screamy about it as some past kittens have been.

Sleep, nurse, sleep, nurse, sleep, wiggle around, sleep, nurse, sleep. It’s an exciting life at this age, I’m telling you.

That boy’s ears just kill me.


“Look at that foot, innernets. LOOK AT IT. Isn’t it FABULOUS?” (Alice)

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