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Guess who’s the smarty pants who used the litter box this morning?

2012-03-31 (11)

She announced it the entire time. “I’M GOING INTO THE LITTER BOX!” and then “I’M IN THE LITTER BOX!” and then “I AM USING THE LITTER BOX!” and lastly “I WENT PEEPEE IN THE LITTER BOX!”

I told her what a smart girl she is, but she just looked at me like “DUH, I KNOW that!”

2012-03-31 (10)
“We’re not impressed. We could use the litter box if we wanted to. We don’t wanna. So THERE.”

2012-03-31 (9)
The family doesn’t fit quite as easily in that box as they used to, do they Emmy?

2012-03-31 (8)
“You make kitteh scared.”

2012-03-31 (7)
“I haz claws, and I knows how to use ’em.”

2012-03-31 (5)

2012-03-31 (3)
I love how her whiskers are black at the root and white at the end. Your roots are showing, Emmy!

2012-03-31 (4)
“::sigh:: I thought I might get ONE minute to myself… They always manage to track me down.”

2012-03-31 (6)

2012-03-31 (2)
“So, I’m still not quite getting this. I’ve got the one paw up here by my mouth that I’ve been biting on, and then there’s THAT one over there. You’re saying there are two of them, like, seriously?”

2012-03-31 (1)
“Darwin, you gonna come out and play?”
“No, I think I’m just going to stay in the box and chill.”

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Noms video! Please note that there is no sound to this video because I was babbling in baby talk and thought I’d spare y’all. It was so annoying (the baby talk) that I’ve decided to build a time machine so I can go back and smack myself in the head. Gah. SHUT UP AND STOP BABY TALKING THE BABIES, ME.

In the last snippet, you’ll see Newbery doing his favorite trick. He likes to climb face-first into my lap, then wriggle around so he’s upright again. He does it every time I go into the room. So CUTE.

(You can also see it directly at YouTube.)

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2012-03-31 (12)
Alice Mo in her favorite backyard spot.


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