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The good news: Everett Peppers was adopted yesterday!!!! He’s gone to a home with a (human) boy to play with and a 5 year-old cat and so far things are going well and they love Everett to death already. Not that I’m surprised, perhaps I’ve mentioned that he is one awesome boy?

The other good news: Lisa was able to sweet-talk Sally Peppers out of her cage, Sally climbed into Lisa’s lap, and got some lovin’. I was super glad to hear that, because I know y’all know that I’ve been worried about that sweet girl. I’m going to predict that she’ll be adopted within the next two weeks. Fingers crossed!

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I swear, I thought that I had made this clear, but there have recently been enough people surprised by the news that I’m coming to the conclusion that I wasn’t clear at all. So here goes:

Love & Hisses has its own Facebook page. This is where I post things that happen between daily posts (like Everett Peppers being adopted, and it was the first place I posted about Emmy having her first kitten), and to have it show up on your feed, you have to click “like.”

If you prefer not to follow the page, I.. well, I won’t know one way or the other. If there’s a way to know who has “liked” the page, I don’t know about it (and I have enough other things to worry about, I promise I’m not going to hunt you down and tearfully ask why you hate sweet baby kittehs). I just wanted to make it clear – the Love & Hisses Facebook page is a separate entity from my personal Facebook page, just so you know.

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Mama Emmy and babies are doing just fine. No news to report – at this age they do nothing but eat and sleep and occasionally roll around. Emmy has no issues with me picking up her babies, and I only hold them until they start sniffing around, realize that I’m not their mama, and begin yelling. I did hold one for a few moments past the time it started yelling yesterday because I wanted to know what Emmy’s reaction would be. Emmy’s reaction? No reaction at all. I think she trusts that I’m not going to hurt her babies.

2012-03-04 (1)
Nursing babies. OH SO SWEET.

2012-03-04 (2)
TOES. (That’s Stumpy there on the left.)

2012-03-04 (3)
So sweepy.

2012-03-04 (4)
More Stumpy-toes.

2012-03-04 (5)
Note that the baby on the far right is on a mission.

2012-03-04 (6)
Places to go!

2012-03-04 (8)
Ahhh, snuggled between his siblings is the place to be.

2012-03-04 (9)
Happy little monkey face.

2012-03-04 (10)

2012-03-04 (11)
Honestly, these babies are constantly moving, squirming, climbing over each other, fighting over the best nipple.

2012-03-04 (12)
And mama just lays there patiently.

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2012-03-04 (13)
Newt the observer.

2012-03-04 (14)
That patch of missing fur is due to an abscess from a few months ago. The vet shaved the hair around it, but it didn’t need to be lanced, he just needed a course of antibiotics. The fur is slowly growing back in. You rarely get to hear Newt’s voice, but BOY did he have something to say on the 10-minute drive to the vet’s office!


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