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Watching the babies move was awesome. Then I heard a meow and thought “IT’S COMING FROM INSIDE THE WOMB!” before I remembered there are other cats in the house that could’ve made that noise. heh.

That meowing in the Emmy’s-belly video was Miz Poo. She picks up a toy somewhere in the house and then she travels the entire house, howling, until she finds one of her humans, whereupon she drops the toy at our feet and then expects to be praised. Here’s a video I made of it when we lived in our previous house:

YouTube link

She is SO proud of herself!

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Why can’t da Corbs jump? Did I miss something due to my sporadic blog-reading ways?

The muscles in Corbie’s back end are not as developed as they should be. If you see him, he looks normal from the “waist” forward, but his back end is very thin. One vet had no idea why it would be (blood work showed that there’d been some damage to the muscles; skeletally, he’s perfect), and the other vet suggested that it could be due to his being born to a mother who had FIV. We tried different supplements to build up the muscles. None of them seemed to do anything but make him nervous if we tried to pet him (he’d think we were trying to give him a pill), so we took him off of everything. He’s not getting worse, and he might be a little bit better – we encourage him to climb and to stand up (putting treats in a location that he has to stand on his back legs to get to them). It doesn’t interfere with his ability to get around at all, thankfully!

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What’s on the list of “best reasons to adopt a black cat?” I’ve got a beautiful black cat & I’m curious. I can reincorporate it into a list of “why my black cat is awesome.”

The top ten reasons to adopt a black cat:

1. We are always sleek, stylish and elegant.
2. You’ll never lose us in a snowstorm.
3. You’ll save money on our Halloween costumes.
4. Statistically speaking, we are friendlier than other cats.
5. We are happier because we look thinner!
6. In many cultures, black cats are good luck.
7. We can be slimming when draped over your lap.
8. We can easily accessorize our collars because everything goes well with black.
9. We are always appropriately dressed at cocktail parties.
10. We take the longest to get adopted and need your help the most!

I did a Google search on “best reasons to adopt a black cat” and came upon that list, which I cut and pasted into a document, added some pictures, and voila! The perfect list.

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Are you familiar with the adorable Murkin and his various foster kitten friends on his very own YouTube channel? It’s here.

“Murkin goes to WAR with the kittens” is my current favorite.

I had never seen those – that is FANTASTIC! You’ve got to love a dog who’s that good with little kittens.

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Here’s a good story!

That is such an awesome story, and that is one beautiful cat!

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It appears Everett is a gravity cat.

Indeed he is!!

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Don’t you just want to kiss on Emmy’s belly??? However, I am sure she would smack the snot outta ya! LOL.

If I even thought about kissing her belly, I suspect she’d hook one of her claws in my eyeball. Fred kissed her on top of the head the other day, and she hissed at him. Twice!

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Have you seen this?

I had not! Very neat.

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I must be incredibly slow on the uptake because the fact that Emmy’s name is an award too just dawned on me. Is that what started this whole thing and it just went over my head? I’m not a skimmah I swear but menopause/medication brain is not what it used to be. Not on the finer points anyway!

Actually, I decided that I liked the name Emmy because it was a good, simple, strong name and then someone pointed out that it was the name of an award, and with the Oscars coming up, maybe that should be the naming theme, awards. So really, the name came first and then the theme came second. I think. It’s been what, a week? It’s kind of fuzzy now, honestly. 🙂

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I suspect you will love this video.

You are correct! That is just too adorable.

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Mama Emmy and her babies are doing just fine. It got really warm in their room, so I ended up turning the air on for a few hours last night to make it more comfortable for them. Emmy is bound and determined that they’re staying in the wooden box, and so in the wooden box they’ll stay for at least another day before we try to move them.

Every time I go into the room, those babies are eating. Emmy eats everything I bring her, which is good – she’s got to provide food for the little monsters, after all.

I’m intending to get a picture of each of the kittens’ faces, but don’t want to stress Emmy out, so haven’t done that yet, maybe later today. They all seem to be healthy and vigorous and in good shape, which is good! Right now, for identification purposes, I’m calling them “the dark one”, “stumpy (the one with the half tail)” and the two stripey ones. Once I get a closer look at each of them, I may have different nicknames for them!

2012-03-02 (1)
Little stumpy the half-tailed kitten. Look at that little half-tail! Cutest thing ever, right?

2012-03-02 (2)
Look at the little flailing legs!

2012-03-02 (3)
The Noms, nomming. THE NOMMING-NEES! (Oh, I slay me.)

2012-03-02 (4)
Little stumpy half-tail, little stripey legs, little adorable claws. Yep, I’d say this one is my favorite.

2012-03-02 (5)
The dark one. LOOK at the little claws! Yep, this one is definitely my favorite.

2012-03-02 (6)
Awfully dark, this one. Almost black, I’m thinking, but Fred disagrees. It’s so hard to tell at hours old what they’re going to look like, I know. My prediction: this one’s going to grow up to be beautiful. I know, it’s a stretch that I’d make such a wild prediction, but mark my words. Beeyootiful.

2012-03-02 (7)
The dark one from another angle. Love the stripes. Maybe it’ll be a dark gray tabby?

2012-03-02 (8)
Little kitty mosh pit.

2012-03-02 (9)

2012-03-02 (10)
Bellied up to the milk bar. I love how that one on the right has Emmy’s tail flung around her like a mink stole. (Psst! That’s my favorite kitten!)

2012-03-02 (11)
Left to right: the dark one, little stumpy, and the two stripey-pantses.

2012-03-02 (12)
Such a good, patient mama. Hey Emmy, you think you might like to settle down somewhere more comfy?
“NO. Emmy is perfectly comfy right here. Where’s my food? You go away. But scritch under my chin first.”

2012-03-02 (13)
Toes and tails and stripes, oh I am dead from the cute.

2012-03-02 (14)
That’s little stumpy.

2012-03-02 (15)
Snoozin’ babies.

2012-03-02 (16)
Amazing, aren’t they?

(I expect I’ll be posting at least short posts this weekend with pictures because I’m sure there will be roughly one million pictures snapped this weekend. LOVE digital cameras!)

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2012-03-02 (17)
Corbie, alert. He looks around… he listens… he thinks.

2012-03-02 (18)
“But… they’re not more beautiful than ME… Right, Mom?”

2012-03-02 (19)
That’s right, Corbie. You’re still the fairest of them all.


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