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In case you missed it over the weekend, I posted on Saturday and on Sunday as well, because who doesn’t want to stare at 300 pictures of wee baby kittens? (Also, Everett Peppers was adopted, yay!!!)


After much time spent looking at kitten behinds yesterday afternoon, we are fairly certain that we’ve got three girls and one boy on our hands, Stripey1 being the one boy. Fred is pretty good at this sort of thing, so I’m pretty sure he’s right (but let me add that it’s always a possibility he’s wrong on one or more of the kittens).

Lesley, if you haven’t already, please check your email and get back to me regarding the naming of your kitten!

All continues to be well with the kittens. Every time I go into the room they’re either eating, sleeping, or preparing to do one or the other. Emmy is making sure that they’re fed and cleaned, and in turn we make sure that she’s well-fed and her litter box stays clean! It works well for all of us.

2012-03-05 (11)
I’m pretty sure this is Stumpy. Such a sweet little face.

2012-03-05 (12)
Sweet mama.

2012-03-05 (13)
I love it when they curl up with her like this.

2012-03-05 (14)
Charcoal loves her mama.

2012-03-05 (15)

2012-03-05 (16)
Oh, look! Time to eat. That only happens constantly, we’re lucky I had the camera with me while it was happening.

2012-03-05 (17)
Content mama.

2012-03-05 (18)

2012-03-05 (19)
Right to left, we’ve got Stumpy, Charcoal, Stripey2, and under Emmy’s arm, Stripey1.

2012-03-05 (20)

2012-03-05 (21)
Look at that baby, rolling around while nursing.

2012-03-05 (22)
And rolling the other way. Also: TOES.

2012-03-05 (23)

2012-03-05 (24)

2012-03-05 (25)


2012-03-05 (27)

2012-03-05 (26)
You know, one thing that drives me crazy is how a cat will sleep almost exclusively in one or two places, and then suddenly they just STOP. Sugarbutt used to sleep in the bottom of this Room with a View cat house all the time. Then one day, he stopped. I couldn’t figure out why – had someone peed in it? (The amount of time I spend smelling things to see if they’ve been peed on, well, if I had that time back, I could cure cancer.) No one had peed in it, Sugarbutt just appeared to not want to be there any more. So I was happy to see Miz Poo hanging out in it the other day, and Spanky sleeping on top. The two oldest cats in the house, hanging out together, kind of. Awww.


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