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First, the good news:


2012-02-08 (11)

I feel like I can relax now, knowing that all my Peppers are now in their forever homes. Yay Sally! She went to a home with two kids and a cat already in residence – a solid white female. I bet when the two cats become friends (which they WILL), those are going to make for some stunning pictures.

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Luckily, there’s no “bad news” to balance that good news. It’s all good! Emmy and the babies are doing well. We took pictures of the kittens and weighed them yesterday. Since Fred took the kittens out of the box on Friday to replace the pink bed with a clean one, and then took them out and weighed them, then held them so I could snap a few pictures, I think it’s safe to say that Emmy is pretty much over one Fred Anderson. She swiped at him a couple of times yesterday when he was petting the kittens, but by last night she seemed to have forgiven him, mostly.

The weight on the kittens: Razzie’s the lightest at 7 1/4 ounces, Newbery’s 7 1/2 ounces, and Darwin’s at 7 3/4 ounces. Big baby Logie is the largest (no surprise there) at a solid 9 ounces. It’s amazing how much difference an ounce can make at this age – you don’t even have to pick her up to see that she’s the biggest one!

And the babies at 9 days old:

Darwin (1) Darwin (2)
Darwin (the kitten formerly known as Stripey2)

Newbery (1) Newbery (2)
Newbery (the kitten formerly known as Stripey1, the only male)

Logie (1) Logie (3)
Logie, da big baby.

Razzie (1) Razzie (3)
Razzie (the kitten formerly known as Stumpy)

I’ve been meaning to mention this – with the birth of Emmy’s babies, that brings us up to foster #174. We’re almost even with Ted and Martha at 50Kittens, who are on #175. Of course, Connie blows us all away with her 273!

I went back and looked at my list (which is just an Excel spreadsheet) and we fostered 31 kittens last year (okay, that’s kind of misleading – we got the Brady Bunch in the Fall of 2010, but they were actually in residence until early 2011), and since I took about a month and a half off from fostering due to surgery last year, I think it’s a strong possibility that we could maybe get to #200 this year. Wouldn’t that be neat?

And on a side note, of the 174 kittens fostered so far, we’ve had 91 males and 83 females.

2012-03-11 (1)

2012-03-11 (2)
Poor Emmy. Those kittens REALLY like to hang around under her tail.

2012-03-11 (3)

2012-03-11 (6)
This picture cracks me up so much – that back foot sticking up in the air? That belongs to the kitten nursing. Why she feels the need to sit in that particular position, I’m not sure. She was like that for a long time.

2012-03-11 (7)
“You touch me, I scream. Mama doesn’t like it when I scream. She’ll mess you up. So no touching, you get me?”

2012-03-11 (8)
Sweet sleepy baby.

2012-03-11 (9)
The whole family.

2012-03-11 (10)
“I lubs my mama.”

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2012-03-11 (11)
I always worry that Tommy’s going to roll off that platform atop the cat tree. He hasn’t yet, but there’s always a first time!

2012-03-11 (12)
Silly boy.

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