2-1-22 Tuesday

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“Keep pettin’, lady. I’ll let you know when we’re done.”

“Ahhh, yes. I do enjoy a good ear-scritching.”

“Keeping an eye on you, lady.”

Mimosa, havin’ a think.

She is such a pretty girl.

Still here, still pregnant, still eating up a storm!


Jake’s serious little face kills me dead.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Here’s the first shot of her belly! Definitely a pregnant belly; definitely a way to go yet. (The vet who did the ultrasound couldn’t tell us exactly how far along she is or how many kittens she’ll have – the kittens had not yet mineralized, which happens at 40 – 45 days of gestation. My own personal prediction is February 17th (3 weeks after I got her), but I’ve never been great at predicting due dates, so there ya go.)

Former foster update – Maggie! Alex says: Just wanted to send a Maggie update. After we lost Tucker last year, Maggie and Bailey seem to have gotten a lot more close. I constantly find them snuggling each other.

She continues to visit me while I work and jump in my lap. My son Henry is totally enamored with her; though I can’t say the feeling is quite mutual, but she tolerates him usually.

Overall, Maggie is my little kitty who sleeps on my chest at night and likes to curl up in my lap whenever possible. She continues to be well loved and we are always grateful that she is in our life.

Maggie came to us as a pregnant kitty back in 2011 (!) and proceeded to give birth to 6 kittens. Later, she mothered three little orphaned girls (the Spice Girls). She was one awesome sweetheart. (Her face in that picture with Henry is just cracking me UP.)

Thank you for the update, Alex!

YouTube link
Here’s the time-lapse video from the Nest camera of the whole process of cleaning the foster room between one foster (with an upper respiratory infection) and the next, in case you ever wondered what that looked like. (Wish I could move that fast in real life.)

Mimosa likes to sit in the sun and growl quietly at whichever cat is walking around the back yard.

YouTube link
It took Mimosa NO time at all to understand that when I walk into the room first thing in the morning, there’s about to be canned food on her plate. And… in case I hadn’t mentioned it, she’s a talker!

Good night innernets. (Mimosa)


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  1. This may seem a dumb or insensitive question, but I wonder whether or why a vet would not or cannot spay a pregnant cat, aborting kittens, if it’s early on in the pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as crazy about kittens as the next person, and look forward to seeing them and watching them grow. But in a world that has unfortunately too many, I wonder if that option is ever considered? Or is it not feasible or too hard on the mother’s health?

  2. I suspect Maggie more than tolerates that little boy. She’s just not going to wear her heart on her sleeve.

    Love seeing former fosters look so smug and happy.

  3. Aw, Maggie was the mama cat you had when I first started reading your blog. Glad she’s doing well!

  4. Several things are contending for best in this post: Mimosa’s adorable squeakity creaky maybe-oil-that-screen-door-hinge-soonish meow, Maggie (Mary Margaret McMeowball! I was just thinking about her!) as a cuddly lap cat, and Mimosa getting pet and ear-scritched. *sends more pets and ear scritches!* <3