12-23-19 Monday

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In case you missed it on Friday…

Fleur was adopted and went home on Friday! She joins a wonderful family with a young kitty, Monkey, who needs a friend to play with her and hopefully give their older kitty sister, Harley, a little peace.

(Yes, this is pretty much exactly the same kind of situation Fleur’s lookalike brother Luc – now Reggie – joined, and hopefully Fleur will be just as happy as Reggie is!)

This leaves Henri, Gabrielle and Josephine still available for adoption. I’m going a little later this morning to pick those three up and bring them home until Friday to give them a short break, so y’all will get to see their sweet faces for the next few days.

(Imagine how thrilled Alice is going to be when she gets home from her dental this afternoon to see that those three whippersnappers have returned. She’ll be SO HAPPY, right? Merry Christmas, Alice, clean teeth and the kittens you thought were gone!)


Newt and Jake are waiting to see if it might be time for a treat.

I just love Frankie’s pouty little face.

“MY TEETH ARE FINE, LADY.” (Doesn’t Alice have the MOST beautiful eyes?)

Khal’s gone campin’.

I wouldn’t have guessed that camper would be so popular, but it’s occupied more often than not. And Newt – our biggest cat – fits comfortably in it. I’ll be curious to see what the kittens think of it when I bring ’em home.


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12-23-19 Monday — 4 Comments

  1. Yay Fleur! Santa came early!

    Everytime I scroll down past Khal’s photo in the camper, it looks like he’s blinking. Just my monitor playing tricks on me, but I like to think he’s giving me the blinkety blink eyes of love love love…

  2. It makes me sad that the other babeehs haven’t been adopted. I thought they would go very quickly! Give them lots of kisses and treats.
    Thanks for everything you do!

    • My duo (and their newly foster-fail currently much despised older sister) got both the chalet and trailer from a dear friend (Hi, Betsy!).