12-24-19 Tuesday

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The rest of the holiday cards went out in the mail yesterday, and I picked up a new bunch from the PO Box. I scanned them in last night, and you can see them here, or scroll through them below. The new cards start at #54, here, if you want to just look at the new ones. I’ll add new ones as I get them.

2019 Holiday Cards Received

Thank you all so much for the awesome cards – they’re great, I love seeing what you guys choose (or create) and opening them is one of the high points of my holiday. I hope that everyone who requested a card has gotten theirs (though if you haven’t yet, they’re on the way – you know how mail is this time of the year.)


I picked up Gabrielle, Josephine and Henri from Petsmart super early yesterday and brought them home. They howled all the way home (thankfully it’s a short drive!), and when I let them out of their carriers in the kitten room, I swear to you they acted like they were in a place they’d never been before. They crept around sniffing everything, with big wide eyes. After about 90 minutes of this, something clicked in their little brains and they were like “Oh, THIS place. Yeah, okay.” and they raced around like wild things.

Khal was like “What’s going on? Oh, it’s them. Okay, then.”

Khal and Newt stomped into the kitten room to check out the food while the kittens checked out their surroundings. (They’ll get the run of the house during the day while they’re here, and then be in the kitten room at night, like last time.)

They do love them a water fountain.

Henri was like “What is going ON?!”

Josephine was like “I remember this cat tree. It seems so small now!”

And Gabrielle smiled.

Henri checked out a new toy.

Gabrielle checked out the view.

I was waving the feather teaser around for the girls. Khal lurking in the background is cracking me UP.

More lurking from Khal.

Henri likes Khal (all the kittens do, really.)

Gabrielle and Khal, watching the other kittens play.

I think at some point in the past I declared that Khal doesn’t like fosters. I guess I need to revise that – he seems to like these three quite well; Henri was snuggled up to him at one point, and Khal was fine with it. I’ve seen him licking Gabrielle’s head, and rubbed against Josephine. I suppose that when there are 10 kittens racing around, they’re a little daunting. With just the three, they’re not as overwhelming and more fun.


PS: Alice and Jake came through their dentals just fine. Alice needed three teeth removed (poor Alice), and Jake needed two removed. They were home again by mid-afternoon, a little loopy but feeling otherwise fine.


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12-24-19 Tuesday — 3 Comments

  1. I knew Khal was a big softie at heart. Except for the whole stalking thing.

    Yeah. I don’t think I ever brought a cat in for a dental that didn’t end up in a tooth extraction…

    Merry Christmas everyone at Shady Cove!!! Thank you for all the cat and kitten goodness of the past year.

    Love from Brigitte and Malcolm in Canada