12-24-18 Monday

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In case you missed it on Instagram/Facebook on Saturday or in yesterday’s post, during Saturday’s adoption event, these two went home (not together).

Solenoid (she’s now Grizabella) joins kitty brothers Skimbleshanks and Rumpleteazer and two human brothers as well. She’s already settled in, making herself at home, and showing off her vocal cords.

Axle joins a puppy brother and a mama who absolutely melted when he talked to her from his crate and I know he’s going to be one happy boy.

Even though I was nervous going into it, the adoption event turned out to be really great. I had never really taken a close look at the training ring – where they have dog-training classes and where we were having the adoption event – and worried that the kittens would be able to escape it. As it turns out, the bottom the barricade around the ring is solid up to about 4 1/2 – 5 feet, and then there are Plexiglas panels on top of that, so it was safer than I’d realized. Lots of people showed up and played with/ petted the kitties (there were my 6, Winnie brought 4, Michelle brought another 4, and Christine dropped off 3). Between all the kittens, there were a total of 6 adopted and a couple more pending, so it turned out to be a very good day.

Here are a couple of pictures of Grizabella/Solenoid from yesterday. Look at that sweet happy face!

Megan said: She is the SWEETEST thing. She’s owned this house. Marching around tail high voicing her opinion. I think her highness fits in quite well. She slept with us, all night… when we got up she wandered around after her breakfast talking up a storm. I asked my husband what was the matter and he said I think she’s just seeing what she can say next. She talks to the fridge, table, her food dish, anything. She has a lot to say and thinks we should listen.

That girl landed in clover and she knows it! I suspect she is over the moon, being able to sleep with her humans.

(And yes, it’s quite a bit quieter here now that the two Mouths of the South have gone to their forever homes!)


Yesterday afternoon, this happened:

That’s right, that gorgeous little poser went home too! She joins a family that includes an older brown tabby girl who loves kittens (awww) and a young orange tabby boy who isn’t sure what is going ON (but will enjoy having a playmate when he gets used to her, I expect.) I would have expected her to be a bit timid and maybe hide a little, but nope. She stomped around, sniffed everything she saw, boxed with a tree ornament and acted like she didn’t know me.

A few hours later I got an update…

She’d totally made herself at home – walking around, tail high, acting like she’d always lived there. And not a hiss from her toward her new siblings. How wonderful is that? I love it!

So now we’ve got Fender, Clutch, Cam and Pulley still with us. The unadopted kittens will go to the cat room at Petsmart the day after Christmas. I could have left them Saturday, but I thought I’d take a few more days of snuggling.


Axle, before he went home (obviously.)

Grabbing for the feather teaser, of course.

Solenoid/Grizabella wanted me to come a little closer. Just a liiiittle closer.

Chewing on the snowman’s arm.


Cam, all “Feather teaser, you will come to me. NOW.”

Have I mentioned that Dynamo is SUCH a little poser? Oh, that girl.

In case you were wondering what her underchin area looks like.

Clutch says “Hallo, snowman, I hear tell your arm is tasty.”

Stars are tasty, apparently.

Pulley’s all “Why you so weird, lady?”

Fender’s considering jumping for that teaser.

Swipin’ at the stars.


Alice Mo
The calico
Wishes y’all
Merry Christmas, yo.

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12-24-18 Monday — 8 Comments

  1. Yay for kittens being home for Christmas! Whether it’s their new furever home or their loving Shady Cove foster home!!

  2. Lots of great news, I love it!!

    I’m so glad the kittens are doing so well.

    Solenoid with so much to say!! My heart…

  3. Oh, such great news for kittens! I’m so glad so many were adopted, what a great Christmas present for their humans. And look at how content they are…gonna miss their sweet faces though!

    Alice looks rather comfy. I guess that blanket isn’t going to move.

  4. What great news! All the kittens that have been adopted. I’ll miss them, but I’m so happy they got forever homes.