11-29-19 Friday

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Happy Black Friday – I hope everyone had a great day yesterday and y’all are all rested up and ready for the holiday craziness. If you’re looking for places to spend all that crazy end of the year cash (ha ha), here are some suggestions for you: spend money, get something great, support good causes. Does it get any better than that? I think not!

Forgotten Felines of Maine online auction (which is no relation at all to the rescue I’m currently fostering for, Forgotten Felines of Huntsville) is having an online auction RIGHT NOW and it ends tomorrow evening. You can go bid on some really cute stuff and there’s your holiday shopping, sorted. Simple!

Winnie’s Wish Auction – Andrea works her tail off finding and creating great things to raise money and support Winnie’s Wish Cat Rescue & Shelter. And that auction is cool because you can go bid on the stuff you like, it starts the countdown clock, and the auction on that item ends in three days. Go check it out and support a great cause!

Connie (who blogs at Tails from the Kittens) is making and selling catnip toys to offset the cost of an Assisi loop lounge for her beloved kitty Muffin. Check her Scrapnipping page on Facebook and buy a few… or a dozen. Or a couple of dozen! Frankly, you can never have enough of those little catnip toys – even cats who don’t care about catnip love to toss those things around.

I posted links to the calendars earlier this week so I won’t post all the pictures of the calendars again, but you can go here, check ’em out, and order your Love & Hisses calendars! (All calendars are marked up by $4, and proceeds go to Challenger’s House and Forgotten Felines of Huntsville.)

I haven’t set it up yet, but I will be selling a few things starting on Monday – some cards (a limited number), and a print of a certain picture. The cards will benefit Forgotten Felines of Huntsville; the print sales will offset a recent vet bill we had for Khal (he’s fine; details about that on Monday, when I link to the page where I’ll be selling a few things.)


Line ’em up! Left to right: Gabrielle, Fleur, Henri, Josephine.

It’s a basket full o’ Henri.

That little sneer on Gabrielle’s face is killing me. (Her lower canine was pushing up her lip. I haven’t seen her like that again, so I guess she was making that face on purpose.)

Sweet Fleur. (If you look closely, you can see her stitches. Her stitches are now out.)

Josephine loves that little red ball.

Fleur and Henri have a snuggle.

Line ’em up again! Left to right: Josephine (she’s cracking me up), Henri, Gabrielle, Fleur.

I tried to get them to line up, but Henri wasn’t having it. Ah well.

Line ’em up AGAIN. Left to right: Gabrielle, Henri, Fleur, Josephine.

Josephine is a LAYDEE.

A cuddly puddle of cute.

I’ll be headed out of here later this morning to drop Josephine and Gabrielle off at Petsmart. I figured that Gabrielle has had a good long break, since she came back from Petsmart with Fleur last week, so we’ll keep Henri here for now to keep Fleur company while we’re waiting to figure out what’s going on with her.

Fleur is doing much much better; we’re just waiting for the results of the biopsy to come back and hopefully give us some answers. After a week on antibiotics and steroids, she’s not wheezy or swallowing hard, so we’re hoping that it was just an infection. We’ll see!


Oh, that Frankie. Isn’t he just the prettiest?

(Speaking of Frankie, if you have a Permanent Resident 2019 calendar, you know that Frankie was the calendar boy for November. But did you notice the hidden message in the picture?)


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  1. Oh man I just read the title to the 2009 entry…I’m giggling at my desk with no one around.

    Henri has the cutest little overbite!

    • Aaaahh! Calendar spoilers! I didn’t unbox the calendars – gave them to a friend to wrap for me from Santa. Is that weird? I don’t care!

      • Do you mean Frankie being the November calendar boy? That’s for the current (2019) calendar, not the 2020 for next year (I don’t honestly remember offhand who the 2020 November calendar boy is. 🙂 )

        • Sorry – mental typo on the year. I’m having trouble reconciling the 2020 I’ve always imagined (where the hello are the flying cars and Uniblab robots?) with the 2020 that’s coming. I mean, really, where’s the cat in a Rosie-the-robot costume riding on a hovering, mobile air purifyer shaped like the shark from Jaws??

  2. YES! Happy Franksgiving. Love it. 🙂

    I think the month was half over before I realized it. And it’s my work calendar so I look at it every day. LOL

    So my husband and I are New Orleans Saints fans. We both have Fleur-de-lis tattoos, their symbol. He actually has a few. And when he plays games where you have to give your character a name he almost always names it Fleur. So I’ve tried to convince him we need to go adopt Fleur. But he’s not having it. Says we CANNOT have more than 4 cats at a time. I had to give him a big ole raspberry at that. 🙁